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Memory Quilts

About a year ago I was commissioned to make 3 queen sized quilts, no problem there. The quilts are for sisters using their mothers stash (they had recently lost their mom). Their mom had sewn clothes for many years and was not a quilter, so when I met with one of the sisters and the stash we were met with a challenge. There wasn’t any quilting cotton in this stash, instead lots of polyester….the kind my never wearing out childhood clothes were made out of, there was wool and other dressmaking goods. Lots of colour and texture variety.

I have a friend Florence, who pieces for me and agreed to take on this task for me and wow did she do an awesome job. We decided to make string pieced quilts like the ones I’ve seen on Bonnie Hunters site as well as Mary’s. Florence made all three tops and there is still tons of fabric left over. The sister who brought me this job was over on the weekend and loves the quilts, so many of the fabrics bring back memories of outfits her mom had made and also of shopping for fabric with her mom.

So now I’m ready to quilt the tops….



To Be Continued……..

4 thoughts on “Memory Quilts”

  1. Wendy, neat that you were able to get these quilt tops made for the daughters and that they will have such a nice way of recalling sweet memories through seeing the fabrics.


  2. Great job in creating a wonderful memory for these sisters of their mother. I wonder if they will be saying, “oh look there is a piece of moms dress”. Can’t wait to see what the finished project


  3. Can’t wait to see the finish product! I sure enjoyed our chat last night, and I hope that your Easter Sunday was richly blessed! Hugs, my sister friend.


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