I’m Back!

I had really hoped to update my blog as we travelled however best laid plans right.

I had saved a post but when I arrived home my net book suffered a virus and it’s gone so I’m back to scratch.

The week before we left was so busy….note to self before another international trip take a day or two off work to get ready. It felt so good to have our bags checked and relax while we waited for our first flight of our journey.


We left on the 18th of July and flew to Toronto where we had a wonderful visit with my friend Jaki and her very adorable children (I still can’t believe that I didn’t take any pictures of our visit) while we waited for our flight to Frankfurt.


It was an overnight flight and I was so tired you’d think I’d have slept but unfortunately due to many reasons it didn’t happen. When we arrived at Frankfurt we were both so exhausted and still had to wait 6 hrs for our next flight.

Erik managed to catch a few z’s. I couldn’t so instead indulged in a bit of people watching, what an interesting airport.

I think I finally managed a bit of shut eye on the connecting flight to Helsinki but by the time we were in the car I was done and slept off and on during the 2 ½ hr drive. It took me several days to feel well rested again, most likely because we were so busy I didn’t really get a chance to rest.

The visiting began: along with lots of coffee every day, awesome food and Longdrinks

The first day we toured around on bikes, it sure felt great to be active after all that sitting.

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