What’s Next?

My Opening Day Top is complete well almost. When Katie put the top on her bed she decided she’d really like it to be larger. Do you think I could easily find the fabric I wanted for the borders? Aster Manor was released May 09, so although I could find it the shipping prices to Canada we’re restrictive and I just did a run to the border. Then I had a light bulb moment and called Sarah’s Mother in Law in Texas, to see if there is a quilt shop nearby. Well it turns out there is a wonderful shop just around the corner from where she works Quilters Emporium. The shop owner was so nice and very helpful and now I have not only the border, but a couple other pieces I was hoping for. I wish their shop had their fabric online but I guess I can’t have everything. This shop is now on my list of places to visit while in Texas!

I have my backing for Elizabeth so she’s next, she’ll go on my longarm this morning.

Now I have to decide which quilt I’ll start piecing next I have a few bed size quilts that are on the top of the list and a few smaller projects. Then there are the 3 Bliss charm packs


and yardage that I’m itching to get sewing with, they are such happy summery fabrics that would be very uplifting to use during these gray days of winter…..hmmm something I’ll ponder while I quilt Elizabeth.









I’ve ordered 3 books that I’ve wanted for ages but just felt like I couldn’t justify them but something hit me last week and I decided that since I’ve wanted them this long I must really want them!


I already own a few of the patterns in Spice of Life Quilts and Schnibbles but I love those patterns so much it will be good to have in book form as well.

Well Elizabeth and I have a date! Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “What’s Next?”

  1. Oh Wendy I wish you and your long arm machine were down the road from me – I’m struggling so much trying to machine quilt a huge quilt – absolutely awful and never again!! You will love the books – I have all 3 – and particularly love Spice of Life. Just occasionally we need to indulge ourselves!!
    Have a good week – and when does that grandbaby arrive??


  2. So glad you found the fabric you need – it’s hard sometimes when the fabric has been out – so lucky you! Can’t wait to see more of your quilts! Enjoy stitching with Bliss – I’ve already made 2 quilts with it – may do more – it’s so cute. And, enjoy those books – all of them are really great!!!


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