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No Fishing This Weekend

Instead we went to Duluth MN. The dollar is almost at par which was a big treat for us!

What a beautiful time of the year and the weather was incredibly and unseasonably warm. Apparently we broke the record high this weekend that was 21C it reached 29C and wow was it muggy too. The leaves were just gorgeous along the lake shore. (for those of you who don’t know the drive from the MN border to Duluth is mostly along Lake Superior and the scenery really is spectacular.

This is the waterfall just past the border into the States its so easy to miss the turn off but now that we’ve discovered it we’ll be returning.



Katie and I with Captain Morgan…..



and above a Rabbagoat…..found in Toms Cabin Store near Knife River MN.

1 thought on “No Fishing This Weekend”

  1. Oh Wendy…we have a similar looking creature down here, but instead of rabbagoat, it’s called a jackalope…lol!


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