Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Summer Quilt

How beautiful is this summer quilt!

This was purchased as a kit and perfectly pieced. One of the frustrations that it’s maker, my friend shared was that there wasn’t enough fabric to mitre the final border. She did a great job making it work.

She chose the pantograph Shasta Daisy which was a perfect fit and really danced on the beautiful backing fabric!

Am so thankful to be able to share my love of quilting with others and to have the gift of helping them to bring their projects to completion!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Mid July

Well with a look of the calendar we are a little past mid July…it’s been a full month.

One of the best things about my quilting business is that I can work throughout the day and evenings instead of having to fit life around my job. I am currently working on a king size quilt and have some others to share.

One of the best things in the summer is extra time with Liam…something he and I both agree on. He has spent as much time as he can in the pool and the weather for the most part has worked in his favour. Our pool is solar heated.

He can spend hours swimming and playing in there at times just floating around looking so relaxed!

He loves it when I get in too and we have been working on perfecting our frisbee game.

My Dad’s 85th birthday was this month. Life is good and he has certainly role modelled to his family what a healthy lifestyle can bring to life! Sadly we missed his party that I had planned due to Covid, so we had a second party after taking extra time to be sure we would all be safe.

My Auntie Marie had sent one of her blueberry pies along with my brother when he stopped to visit enroute from Calgary. Dad saved the pie to share with us. It turns out that blueberry pie isn’t only Dads favourite!

Liam has been asking me to teach him to make banana bread this summer…the days have been way too hot to use the oven. That is until yesterday. I haven’t made bread in a really long time and have been meaning to replace my old loaf pans so we made muffins instead.

We watched a YouTube video first which explained the process and then got busy.

He had a hard time waiting for them to cool… and a hard time not snacking on them during the day. At ten and a half his appetite seems to be constant…and he loves that he is almost as tall as I am.

It rained much of the day yesterday, but we did manage to get out for a walk together. I usually walk first thing in the morning in the summer while the guys sleep. Today is looking promising for both my morning walk and Liam’s pool time.

I hope that you enjoy your day!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Scrappy Goodness

While I enjoy my coffee, I love looking at quilting posts on blogs and Instagram. This morning I may have found my next scrappy project…though I am determined to finish up Longtime Gone before I can start another!

Joan, is a longtime customer of mine and I love all of her quilts. This last year she began piecing her scraps and had a lot of fun doing so and I think delighted with the results.

Mixing and matching and using low volume prints as background to showcase the fun prints is always a great idea! Half square triangles are pretty easy to make and can be configured into all kinds of designs!

How much fun is her backing choice, which will also be used for the binding.

Rhapsody was the chosen pantograph and it really brought this quilt together with both a perfect density and fun design.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Summer Fun

How fun is this view from my picture window! Liam absolutely loves building his forts with the huge Lego blocks…I love how much fun he has!

The view outside is that beautiful lush green that evades us most of the year causing most of us to relish the days of beautiful summer days!

Liam is more than happy to enjoy his summer!

Weather permitting, when he is here he is in and out of the pool all day..stopping for refuelling breaks and when Grandma says it’s time for a break!

Yesterdays break meant the completion of a big Lego project!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Tumbling Blocks Quilt and Source

A quilt that I made in 2013 has been on my mind lately. I remember my friend Alva showing me the technique and she was determined that I should try it out.

I started out making only some coloured blocks.

Which grew to more blocks…

They lived on my design wall for a while until I decided on a final layout. I added the gray blocks, the gray fabric was the same gray only different dye lots. This was fabric purchased from Fabricland so I don’t recall the brand.

I still love everything about this quilt!

Today this tutorial was blogged about on Teresa Down Unders blog and it came up on different feeds as well.


Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Longtime Gone Plus a Star Block

This block took a little time to play with. My quilt will have a whimsical tone to it. I have tried to tuck fun fabrics here and there that a child may delight in finding. Well maybe an adult as well.

I have 3 log cabin blocks to make and have begun sashing the blocks. There is still a fair amount of piecing left to finish this quilt as there are additions of rows of four patches and flying geese and then the border.

This quilt for all of the piecing involved only finishes around 65”s so I began to contemplate growing it. There is a quilt on Pinterest that was grown to be a queen. After mulling that over for a while I have decided to finish it at 65”. I hope to finish piecing it and maybe even quilting it this summer.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Starry Batik Quilts

Do you ever find a fabric that you just fall in love with and really can’t bring yourself to cut up?

Well these two quilts are fun examples of what to do. Clare originally thought that she might like to make a quilted jacket with the fabrics however after living with the idea for awhile her mind changed.

Still loving the fabric she added borders and brought them to me with yardage for the backings.

I chose the pantograph Bayside, to add just a hint of movement but not distract from the fabric itself.

The backing fabric was a perfect choice for these quilts and as I do love a challenge I was able to piece the backs for both quilts with one piece of about 6”x18”’s left over! Many of my customer like to have me piece their backs as it’s a complementary add on.

The second quilt was a little busier so I chose the pantograph Star Swirl to add to the movement of the night sky that spoke to me in this fabric.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Crumb Piecing Your Scraps

I have mentioned before that I have an almost lifelong love of fabric and sewing, as a child I loved nothing more than being given bits of fabric to play with add to that scissors and a needle and thread!

My early sewing years involved dolls and Barbie’s, later moving on to clothing for myself and a little later on for children. Discovering quilting changed my sewing world completely!

Being left handed, the rotary cutter made so much of a difference, as left handed scissors never really seemed to do the job well. My brain adjusted to the rulers designed for right hand people. Of course now there are rulers coming out for us lefties!

Could it be that a lot of lefties are quilters?

So having been a collector of quilting cotton for much of my life and having followed Bonnie Hunter from way back in her early blogging days….I recall her pointing out that we paid just as much per yard for scraps as full yardage. This is partially the reason that my studio holds a few special areas for storing scraps.

My LongtimeGone Quilt project is a scrappy quilt so one would expect the scrap pile would be shrinking…not so…it seems when the day is done and the lights are out the scraps get together and multiply!

Of course I still have some piecing to do to complete this project Longtime Gone and more scraps will be added to the top…still I keep anything that might fit into something else.

There are so many ideas online about how to deal with scraps, the one that’s pulling me in these days is Crumb Piecing and this morning a blog that I follow and have shared before on this blog posted a tutorial on her method.

Anne has many tutorials and shares so much information her site is well worth visiting.


I am sharing this picture of what I made one evening while listening to a zoom meeting…it started out as a small baggie of scraps that a dear friend shared with me. For someone who just loves playing with her sewing tools sometimes, crumb piecing really fits the bill.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Long Time Gone Jacobs Ladder Block

Do you find piecing is a little like eating potato chips? once you start it’s hard to stop? I do and as a bonus it’s so much healthier. I rarely allow myself to have my ironing station beside my sewing machine. It’s so important to get up from your chair and move. In my opinion anyways.

So after finishing up the Square in a Square Star block I moved on to the Jacobs Ladder block. I have always enjoyed working with small pieces and this quilt certainly gives me joy.

It’s fun to play with the layout. Can you guess which one I chose?

I am really looking forward to seeing this quilt come together and am mulling over the quilting design as I work on it. Often I choose a quilt to make knowing beforehand how I will quilt it.

As I was falling asleep last night I was wondering what will become of this quilt. I think a child might have fun with it as there are many little surprises in it.

Currently on the design wall is the Plus a Star block…more on that soon.