Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Cathy’s Wolf Quilt

How amazing are these digital panels! Cathy has made this quilt for her granddaughter and now that there is a little more freedom for travelling she is finally able to deliver her quilt.

She chose a perfect dark charcoal Fireside for the backing. I pieced two lengths for the quilt….this fabric is so nice to work with and my only recommendation is to take the time to check the nap direction.

You can really see the outline of the pantograph Star Struck on the back!

I am sure that this quilt will be loved and snuggled under for many years to come!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Carols Winter Quilt

It’s spring and this week Liam and Decided it would be safe to finally store the winter boots etc… We have been enjoying our walks in the woods looking at all the new signs of growth!

Carols quilt has a very winter feel with skiers flying down the slopes. We chose the snowflake pantograph which adds a windy, snowy look. The quilting really showed on the black and red checkered flannel backing.

This soft flannel adds such as cozy feeling to the quilt. Though we are hoping not to need very much flannel for a few months!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Cathy’s Quilt

Cathy’s version of the one block wonder type piecing was such a perfect quilt to work on this last while were every day brought rainy grey days. It’s bright green was a reminder that all of the rain will bring out the colours of spring before we know it!

This is a picture of the fabric that she began with. I believe it is by Jane Sassaman .

Her piecing was perfect and so effective!

I used the pantograph Rhododendron that Cathy chose and it was the perfect compliment to this quilt.

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Welcome to March

Our days are getting brighter…so they feel longer which is very welcome. February seems to have flown by. I was busy with customer quilts, family and a little of my own projects. Our area began another lockdown today due to rising covid cases which feels discouraging. I will have my grandson with me as the schools are back to virtual learning. I plan to start planting some seeds with him this week.

So many of my friends and customers have told me how thankful that they are for their quilting as many of us get lost in our work which makes the days pass more easily.

Laura’s Care-bears.
Care-bear quilt back

Laura’s Care-bear quilt was a pleasant surprise as most quilts arrive to the door these days and the quilting decisions are left to me. I raised my daughters during the Care-bear era and I couldn’t help but think how much the world could use those bears these days 😊

It was a fun cheerful quilt and it was quilted using a tried an true pantograph called popcorn which gives a cloud like appearance.

This tulip quilt is also a reminder that spring will arrive.

The reason that we no longer grow tulips
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Do You Quilt With Friends?

I first started attending our local quilt guild when I was in my late twenties. I had been interested in quilting in my early teens but had no idea where to start, not knowing anyone who quilted.

Then I attended Quilt Canada when it was held here in Thunder Bay in 1992 and attended some classes. That is where I met my friend Alva who became my mentor.

I recently had the privilege to quilt a round robin style of quilt for a friend Bobbie who was in a group of quilters that were a very big part of quilt Guild for many years and helped to bring Quilt Canada to Thunder Bay.

It was a very interesting looking quilt and with permission I shared her quilt with a couple of groups that I belong to and was asked how it was made. So I questioned Bobbie and she shared pictures of her sisters quilt and progress. The rule was that each person started with a fat quarter and passed to the next Quilter who was to cut it horizontally and vertically and insert six inch rows of piecing:

Starting with Aileen’s fabric choice

Next Jean Tozer added her strips

Then Marjorie Hosegoods addition

Alva being Alva wasn’t one to follow the rules and decided to make two vertical cuts really changing the look.

Elaine Pond was next:

followed by Val:

And finished by Bobbie:

I loved spending time with these ladies and learnt so much about quilting and life from them. I remember the group of them liked to sit in the front row at guild and often would get the giggles like young school girls they really had fun!

Customer Quilts, Quilting, Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Heather’s Quilt

Heather’s quilt really showcased her fabric choices which are bright and fun to look at. I chose to quilt it using the Hearts and Bloom Pantograph.

My customers will often ask me to choose the quilting design which is fun for me and maybe a little overwhelming for newer quilters. I carry many different designs and am always more than happy to add to my collection when a customer would like something that isn’t in my collection.

Customer Quilts, Quilting, Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Becky’s Quilt

Becky used the Basic X Block Ruler and gorgeous Batik fabrics to make her quilt. It was quilted with the Pantograph Swirl of Thorns And Glide thread.

Customer Quilts, Quilting, Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Millie’s Quilts

Millie has been entrusting her quilts to me for several years now and it’s always a pleasure to quilt for her. These recent two quilts were a lot of fun to quilt.

This first one was quilted using the Pantograph Shasta Daisy, it always makes me smile when I see it.

Her second quilt also perfectly pieced called for a floral Pantograph so I chose Rhapsody. I have customers that like to choose the designs for their quilts and I will order new Pantographs for them if I don’t have what they have in mind, however many people tell me to choose and enjoy being surprised when the receive their quilts back. I have recently added to my Pantograph collection and am looking forward to trying them soon.

Millie’s backing for this quilt was so soft and vintage looking a perfect fit for this sweet quilt.

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My Version of Summer Moon Quilt

Two things happened to inspire me to make my version of Carrie Nelson’s Summer Moon quilt. The first of course was seeing her book along with people posting pictures of their blocks on social media. The second was when my friend Betty gifted me with all of her scraps from her Fire Moth quilt.

I have always enjoyed piecing small pieces and the 5 inch blocks caught my eye. I had some leftover white fabric that was enough for something small so I set some rules for my little project. I would only make the small blocks and I had to use Betty’s scraps and the white fabric on hand. I began piecing the blocks on weekend mornings…and then it was my quilt night project (more about that in my next post)

I had initially bordered the first blocks however as the blocks grew my vision of the quilt changed. Once all of the blocks were on my design wall I drew out the additional piecing for each block.

I had the perfect backing in my stash and slipped this little project onto my Longarm between customer quilts and quilted it using the Curls Pantograph. I did purchase the binding though I could have dug through stash but it was fun to bring my project onto our mobile quilt shop Fuelled by Fabric and find the perfect finish!

I do intend to make the full Summer Moon quilt and am considering using my stash of depression era fabrics.