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My Dad and Quilting!

When I first was curious about quilts and quilting my Moms first reaction wasn’t positive…though not too long after I began she caught the bug as well.

My Mom sewed many things during my childhood and loved to decorate our homes but it was not until after her family had grown and flown did her true creative self emerge! She was an amazing painter and weaver and had an incredible sense of colour.

My Dads creativity really flourished after retiring from his longtime career and amazed us all when the suits and ties disappeared and his garage became a workshop! He is an amazing woodcarver.

My Parents have encouraged my creative gifts as well and when I found myself at a desk job in a little grey cubicle while raising my 4 girls on my own…I received a call from my Dad…while at work with some very life changing news!!

Wendy, he said…I have ordered an APQS Millennium and it will be delivered in 2 weeks can you get a room ready for it!!!

Visiting with Ana Paula

So on Sunday, I invited my Dad on a date to view the quilt show! It was so much fun showing him all of the different quilts and how quilting has changed and yet remained the same in many ways.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Wedding Season is upon us!

This king sized quilt is to be gifted soon and what a wonderful gift made by the brides Mom and Aunt!

I love the giant gingham affect these large blocks make.

The pantograph Forest Floor was chosen as it suits the couple who will receive this quilt it also compliments the backing. When you look closely at the backing fabric you can see the subtle addition of blue in the veins of the leaves and some of the designs.

The binding was made from the backing which will be just the right pop on the front and won’t detract from the print on the back.

This quilt left my studio trimmed and binding prepared.

Let me help you bring your quilting projects to completion!


Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Jo Anne’s Quilt Story

My first quilt was made about 38 years ago, I was 22.

Quilting was on my mind though for many years before that! I loved making things as a child and my Mother and other sewers provided me with scraps of fabric to play with!

It was when Quilt Canada was held in Thunder Bay in 1992 that I discovered there was a local Quilting Guild! I was really excited that I could meet like minded friends…though the first time I went to a meeting and saw that everyone appeared to be much older than I was I chickened out and didn’t attend!

Thankfully I met my new friend Alva at the fabric store and told her and she convinced me that those ladies would be more than happy to welcome me, and welcome me they did! They mentored me and my skills and love of quilting grew!

Jo Anne is one of the founding members of our guild and one of the women I remember welcoming me. It has been my absolute pleasure to quilt for her over the years!

Here we are in front of her quilt at this years show.

On a fun note, that day I attended the show with my friend Betty Maki…the two of them chatted and Jo Anne commented that she is the younger one by a year! My friend Betty is 88 1/2 and isn’t afraid to admit it 🥰

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

What a Weekend!!

Well that was a fantastic quilt show weekend! So many people put so much work into making it happen! So many quilts to see!

I shared in my previous blog a post about micro scribbling because of a quilt at the show that was absolutely amazing!

Joyce designed her quilt herself and followed her vision, I cannot imagine the hours that went into this quilt! I know for myself the hours of planning and dreaming often aren’t recorded along with the actual physical effort that goes into a quilt or work of art such as this.

First her story about her quilt!

Her borders and use of embellishments were absolutely stunning!

I hope that this won’t be this quilts only show!

I worked as a hostess Friday evening and show many people this amazing quilt as a hostess is allowed to touch the quilts as we wear gloves.

I used both of my votes for her quilt and clearly others did as well as Joyce and her quilt won a very deserved first place!!

Congratulations Joyce Gilmore!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Scribbling on your quilt

There is a quilt hanging in our quilt show this weekend who’s maker did an absolute amazing job not only making the quilt but also designing it!

I volunteered as a hostess last night, meaning that ai was wearing white gloves and was allowed to touch and show the backs of the quilts to those people interested!

Joyce’s attention to detail on her quilt is extraordinary and I found myself returning to it over and over again as did others.

Her scribbling technique had me wanting to head to my studio to play last night though I thought better of it and put myself to bed!

This morning I found a Craftsy link of Cindy Needham demonstrating the scribbling technique if you are interested.

Cindy Needham Scribbling

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Flowers and Weddings

I was contacted several months ago about quilting this quilt in May if the piecer had it ready…she did and this lovely quilt is trimmed and ready for binding. Well before the Wedding where it will be gifted to the bride and groom.

My quilting is hand guided and we chose the pantograph A Little Bit of This which added just the right density and flow for this very soft quilt.

I pieced the backing for this quilt this is a complimentary service that I provide and many of my customers really appreciate just bringing me the yardage.

Speaking of backings, some of my customers just want to piece the quilt top and request that I find the backing for them. This is another of the many services that I provide.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Forest and Turning Twenty

The pattern Turning Twenty by Tricia Cribs was a perfect choice to showcase this William Morris fabric collection Forest.

This is an older collection that is softer in colour than some of the newer lines we have been seeing online in the last while. This collection has large prints including some fun animals. It’s so much fun to spot the animals in this elegant quilt!

I chose a soft flowing pantograph design with a chameleon coloured thread that would not detract from the design on the quilt top but would add to the elegance when viewed on the almost solid looking back.

This beautiful quilt left trimmed and ready for binding and with the binding prepared.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Fun Little Racoon Baby Quilt

Another sweet baby quilt made from the Quilters Magazine Patch Pals collection!

This little Racoon quilt is totally adorable! I chose to use the pantograph swirls to this fun quilt to add even more fun to this wonderful quilt!

The pattern for this quilt and the others from this collection can be found by clicking the link below.


Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Longtime Gone Quilting….

There is a “promise” of some sunshine later today! It seems so long ago that our sky was blue….yes I know it’s blue above the clouds!! I am more than ready for some sunshine, less wind and oh some green grass, leaves and flowers.

Spring will come!!!

In the meantime, life has been so full and busy with both quilting and with life!

I am so blessed in both departments, I am so fortunate to be entrusted to quilt so many quilts for others which is a true passion for me!

Every once in a while though… it’s time to quilt one of my own! If you have been following my blog for a while you will know about my Longtime Gone Quilt (pattern by Jen Kingwell) and the fun journey it has been!

Well I finally slipped it into my Que and it’s quilted and trimmed. It will hanging in our upcoming quilt show if you are interested in a close up and personal look. I hope that it inspires other quilters to challenge themselves with a scrappy sampler!

I am waiting for brighter days for more pictures and will share more about this quilt soon.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Life and Quilting and Health

I woke to rain this morning! We have woken to snow several mornings this month and I think that I speak for almost everyone I know in Thunder Bay…enough with the snow already!!

It may be our stage of life, but on the life side of things several friends have either passed away or had serious diagnosis this year. It does cause one to take stock and in my case rethink a few things.

Life can get so busy or so routine that it can be easy to overlook taking the best care of our most valuable possession…ourselves, our health and wellness. I have always for the most part been mindful of self care and as I age the value of diet and exercise becomes even more invaluable!

I love meal prepping and all of the amazing information and ideas that are at our fingertips!!!

Long gone is the mindset of exercise equals fitting in those blue jeans haha now it’s so much more about muscle tone, balance, flexibility and of course health!

I am sharing the link below only because I enjoy doing many of her work outs, maybe you might as well.

Long ago when I first started Longarm quilting for others, I was working in an office where I learnt the importance of ergonomics and applied what I learnt to my quilting life as well!

My Dad who is an amazing wood carver, pointed out years ago the importance of breaks, exercise and diet in order to keep quilting…crafting long term! Such excellent advice! Thanks Dad!! By the way my Dad will be 86 this summer, while he is still busy carving…he is active walking daily, exercising mind and body and enjoying life!

I can easily become so engrossed in a quilting project that hours can go by without taking breaks, I am however very mindful of the need to move and stretch! I encourage you to consider it as well.

It’s been a very full month, with quilts coming and going as usual. April means taxes of course…nice to have that one checked off the list!