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Fun Projects and Waiting…

Well another snowy day, we woke to another 5”s of very wet snow. While the trees did look pretty, we had a near miss of a snow laden tree leaning on our power line…thankfully with a little help from Erik with less snow it bounced up a bit.

And a little later in the morning…

I am normally a pretty patient person, but the snow is stretching me though there is not a thing I can do about it….we are also waiting for our newest grandchild to arrive any day…I am not feeling patient about that either.

There is also more snow predicted for next week!

I have finished quilting the half square triangle quilt I wrote about in my last blog and have the next ready to quilt. It always amazes me how even in 18 years of quilting for others there are rarely duplicates!

This quilt is spectacularly brilliant! Just what’s needed to work on a gray snowy day!

I am itching to start project three of the Color Collective! It’s called Stellar, designed by Tara Faughnan.

Do you ever find it hard to break up a bundle and start cutting it up, I do but I know that it will will be fun and once I start it will be hard to stop… that might be part of my hesitation.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Snow! And Quilting

Ok, it’s April 11th already and we are still getting snow?? It was snowing this morning when I woke up. It is supposed to rain a lot this week so hopefully that will help the snow melt.

I won’t complain too loudly as it sounds like west of us they are in for a pretty big spring snow storm this week…fingers crossed that we just get the rain!

Yesterday I put the last stitch into a very special quilt that I will be sharing more about very soon. My Longarm and I have been really busy and productive so look for more posts about that.

Next up is the second of three half square triangles I have been quilting for Marilyn. I always press tops and backs before loading them on the Longarm. Her piecing and workmanship is perfect and her fabric and colour/value skills are so inspiring!

Only many years of collecting could possibly build a stash that would make a total of 4 queen size quilts with such an array of fabrics. I wonder how close I am getting.

There are so many options out there for quilters compared to when I began. Tutorials abound on the internet and online shopping opens an incredible world of choice for new and experienced quilters. I personally have fun at times with a quickly pieced quilt but I also really enjoy the journey and challenges of different projects.

Sometimes, projects linger longer that I originally plan such as my Longtime Gone quilt and the collective projects that are waiting…when I start to feel a little guilty regarding what projects in the quilt world that are referred to as UFO’s (unfinished objects) I remind myself that I like to savour the journey. Some projects don’t require quick completions.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Fabric and Scraps

As a small child I was always delighted to be given scraps of fabric! I think they were probably my most favourite plaything, add to that scissors, thread and a needle and I was set.

The quilts on the tv show Little House on the Prairie is where I recall first seeing or maybe noticing scrap quilts! I know that I always questioned the colour rules and just loved the look of all kinds of colours together.

One of the most fun part of the Color Collective I am participating in is receiving a palette of colours that I may not have chosen myself for a quilt.

During the break out portion of our local guild meeting last night we were encouraged to talk about how we store our scraps. Of course there are new quilters who haven’t reached the what do I do with all these scraps, part of the quilting journey. There are probably quilters who make a quilt and have very little left overs…I am not sure that I know those quilters, are you one?

So back to the breakout room… I love scraps and I have a lot of them. I love to use them to try out new techniques and ideas. I love to save them to use in future projects and I sometimes just like to look through them and reminisce or sort through them.

Do I need all of them? Maybe not but then maybe I do…perhaps I will have a season in life where I can really dive in and play and I will be prepared.

My Longtime Gone quilt is a scrappy version, I have had hours of fun playing with scraps. This is a quilt that I am savouring the journey…sone things shouldn’t be rushed.

So many quilts come my way to be quilted…thank you thank you to everyone who allows me to be part of your quilting journey! I am constantly inspired.

This is one of 4 quilts that is made up entirely of 2” finished half square triangles. So many fabrics I recognize but many I don’t because this quilter has been collecting for more years than I have.

The view out the window this morning is a little drab, winter has a strong hold right now with a ton of snow and many chilly and today windy days….. My sewing and quilting rooms will be my bright sunny retreat today!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Fatquarter Shop 2011 Designer Mystery

This long ago project was started and the blocks all completed, the finishing kit purchased only to be stored in a boot box for ten years.

Nicole has been writing about hers on her blog at https://sisterschoice.typepad.com/sisters_choice_quilts/2022/02/can-you-see-where-i-am-going-with-this.html#comments

She has taken hers in a totally different direction, which I really like. Mine has been completed by my friend Florence and will one day be finished and hopefully loved by one of our daughters or granddaughters.

It is a pretty quilt, though I have clearly moved on from such a soft palette. Actually I am really enjoying working with the solid palettes.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Play time!

My mornings begin with coffee and often reading blogs…these days they are much more relaxing than the news!

Yesterday’s reading led to some new ideas from a new to me blog.


I have really enjoyed curved piecing lately and have been a little intrigued by improv piecing. After reading Wendy’s above tutorial, I decided that I would play with some scraps after I finished longarming for the day.

The scraps are from a bundle of 6” strips of ombré that came from Craftsy back when it was a great site. I used many of the 40 strips in my flying geese quilt.

One of my goals for this year is to quilt using my domestic machine.

The fabric for the 3rd quilt in Season 4 of the Color Collective arrived this past week and oh are they pretty!! As I still have the design wall full with flock blocks, and a baby quilt to make Stellar is going to have to wait her turn. I may just make a practice block while I wait though.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Bernice’s Quilt

It always amazes me how many different quilts there are, I so rarely see duplicates.

This week one of the quilts that I quilted was this queen size quilt, there was a backing challenge in that the maker sewed the backing with the selvages intact to stretch the fabric and also added side pieces (as in leader, enders only on the sides) in order for the backing to be big enough.

As the backing really wasn’t big enough to load with the seams horizontally it was very challenging to load and keep even with three seams rolled onto the bar. However, it worked!

The tension was perfect, on the perfect backing for this quilt!

There are times when by mere coincidence the same pantograph is chosen for a few customer quilts which I had also chosen for My Sunny quilt. I have been happily quilting with different ones once again.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Double Sided Quilts

The digitally printed panels available lately are so beautiful and this quilt features them on both the top and the backing.

Actually Pat pieced two tops however one was for the backing. This is not the first time I have had this request and although it can be challenging to keep both centred it can be done.

The front

The back

Pat chose the pantograph star swirl, this design fits perfectly!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Friend-enemies and Colour

Ok so I looked this up as I heard Tara say it regarding colours in one of the Palettes of the Color Collective. Friend-enemies was what she said.

I think I like the sound of friend-enemy in the context that it was used. It came to mind as I was trimming the half square triangles for the flock block that I am currently working on.

Taras reference was regarding fabrics that can work together in a quilt but perhaps not side by side…at least that was my interpretation.

Sometimes the trimmings are just too pretty to throw away!!!

Some of my favourite colours are in this palette, some of my not so favourites as well but I am enjoying them together.

My main purpose in joining the Color Collective this year was to step outside of the box so to speak and use colours that I may otherwise not use and or to use them differently.

I am still working on capturing true colours with my camera. This one came the closest yesterday.

The next bundle is on its way, so my goal this week is to complete the flock top before it arrives.

Of course the Longarm calls and it’s loaded and waiting for the week to begin…just one more cup of coffee! Have I ever mentioned how much I love working from home and working on quilts?

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Shasta Daisy

The pantograph Shasta Daisy has always made me smile. I remember ordering it only because I liked it, that’s how my collection of pantographs has grown for the most part.

I remember one day my friend Alva came by with her latest creation and as I was showing her my latest addition to my collection she saw Shasta Daisy and stopped and said that one! Added note: this quilt was a block of the month program from a shop called Quilters Stash that was here in town for a number of years.

My photography skills and camera have vastly improved since 2012 when this was taken.

Many of my customers leave the quilting choice up to me, that used to cause me stress in the early years of my quilting for customer days however most quilts speak to me as soon as we meet these days.

This star quilt of Joan’s called for Shasta Daisy.

When looking at this quilt, the prints suggested a floral pantograph, then a closer look revealed some Daisy like petals. The star blocks are very angular and adding the flow of a more curvy design softens those angles.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

January Blossoms

Well it’s official Christmas is over in our household! We really do enjoy the extra weeks in January when we keep the tree up. Though, now that the days seem longer with a little more daylight with every passing day the boost of the tree lights to our world don’t seem quite as necessary. Also the needles were just starting to fall.

I have a few quilts to share from the last weeks Longarm quilting.

This is one of Joan’s and was such a delight to work on, so bright and well floral! Look at this backing!

The top is so pretty and beautifully pieced.

I have a new phone and have been playing with its camera, the portrait mode is a lot of fun.

This next one really shows the affect of the portrait mode.

Liam is back to in class learning this week, so it will be a little quieter around here this week.

I made and trimmed my flying geese units for flock over the weekend…well I trimmed most of them last night. I find it interesting how much fun I am having piecing with solid fabrics, the collective has been such a great addition to my quilting life!