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Flock Block and Rulers and Organization

The second block of this season of the “Color” Collective is called Flock and comes with another fun palette to work with. (designed by Tara Faughnan and organized with Amy Newbold of Sewtopia)

I also added pearl pink into my palette. My new phone camera captured the colours really well considering the picture was taken at night.

I have just begun my flock quilt. The flying geese units are bigger than I usually make and as usual I pulled out my wing clipper ruler for trimming down my units.

These specialty rulers are not necessary as the job can be done with regular quilting rulers. It’s just that along the way in my quilting journey I have accumulated some pretty neat tools.

I was watching Karen Brown of Just Get it Done Quilts on her Q&A you tube, she was talking about cleaning out and organizing rulers.

This brought me to thinking about my collection, as a long time quilter I do have a large collection and at this stage I would not consider parting with any of my rulers.

I keep my most used cutting rulers for piecing close at hand, occasionally I move them as needed for space.

Karen also spoke of getting rid of old worn out cutting mats…the purple one pictured is so well worn however it belonged to a dear friend and I really enjoy using it for quick trims. I find different size and colour mats very useful. My Sunny top is complete and I have been hoping to get a good picture to share, today is looking favourable.

My specialty rulers that I reach for most often are all together and also easily assessable.

I use a lot of bins from the Dollar Store to stay somewhat organized.

Years ago I came across this large board and I have made such good use of it, at one time it sat atop an old dresser and was used as my cutting table. Then at some point and because I needed a large ironing station for customer quilts, I covered it with batting and Teflon ironing fabric. It sits on top of what are meant to be used as laundry room cabinets and is the perfect height for both cutting and pressing.

This space I like to keep just for what I am presently working on. I usually have at least two personal projects on the go at a time. My Long Time Gone is still very close at hand.

Tucked away in the closet are two bins of sometimes used rulers. They are fun to have and I love being able to share with quilting friends who are just starting out on this journey as friends shared and helped me along my way.

I am fortunate that for most of my quilting journey I have had a dedicated space for my quilting and as empty nesters even more space. I do my best to stay somewhat organized, when I am busy with piecing my room can become a little upside down but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Moda Blockheads 3

I am starting to really want to move on, however I am determined to finish this top and it needs to be soon… well not that I will rush it, I just am doing my best not to start something new until this top is completed.

I wanted to add a large block to this quilt and found one in the original block head quilt it was by Corey Yoder and finishes at 24” square. I wanted something that I could incorporate some pineapple blocks which this block fit the bill.

I began with the outside of the block

These were completed last weekend.

Of course life gets busy and play time gets limited.

Liam is here Monday to Friday and I help him with virtual school and try to come up with fun outside activities.

Customer quilts take precedence over personal quilts often though there are times when the ideas in my head need to come first!

I was finally able to finish my big block yesterday

I plan to lay out the blocks this week and decide layout and sashing etc

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Stash, Scraps, Work and Life

I love Saturday mornings not that they are really any different these days from other mornings…I love to start my day slowly with a fresh cup of coffee.

Did you know that you can buy a smart coffee cup and that you can set the temperature on your phone? The coffee stays the same temperature until your last sip!

I still love my coffee in my special to me mugs…but someone is retiring in 6 weeks and has always wished that his coffee would stay hot…

Onto my stash…I have been slowly re organizing my beloved collection…one of my daughters who loves to live minimally suggested not long ago that I purge my sewing room! I told her that I am still regretting the fabric that I parted with when I moved!!!

My friend Marlene recently gifted me with fabric that I have always wished I had bought more of! It just makes me smile.

Quilting has been one of my main passions for most of my adult life however most of that time was full of responsibilities of caring for family and earning our living.

Sometimes a couple things need to be added to an order to reach free shipping 🤓

My Longarm quilting has been and will continue to be for others and occasionally myself…all of those quilts have added to the non stop inspiration!

So my stash stays, it grows and I happily and excitingly accept gifts of peoples scraps that would otherwise go to waste…because I can see that as seasons change so do seasons of life and I am finally at the stage that I have been preparing for!

Life was full and busy this week, Liam really enjoyed our field trip and kept me on my toes keeping him fed! He tells me that I make the best food!

I really cherish these days that we share together. He will head back to the classroom the week after next. So far anyways as Ontario is closed to all but essential…

I had planned to buy cards to mail my swap blocks with however…that was a cannot buy item when I was out the other day. I have cards here to use and thankfully we could still buy stamps!

Sisterhood Quilt Swap blocks ready to go.

It’s been a rainy several days …not a lot of sunshine. This customer quilt has reminds me of our colours soon to be out the windows!

Today I am taking a class with Daisy Aschehoug of https://warmfolk.com ….more on that soon.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Piecing Backings and Blocks etc…

The days seem to fly by! It’s been a busy Month of quilting and piecing in between Liam’s school and day to day responsibilities.

This quilt back took a little more time to piece than most as it had a larger motif and called out to be matched. I enjoyed the challenge and feel it was well worth the effort. The quilt is on the frame is close to being completed. More on that soon.

The pineapple blocks have been so much fun! I have a plan for them and a pattern on its way that I am looking forward to jumping into. I will make my sisterhood blocks first and send them on their way!! The papers are printed and ready to start.

Maybe some sewing room tidying is in order as well! I often joke that I am a bit like Jillian Jiggs a story that I used to read to my girls…she would start cleaning her room only to find something else to play with!!….Oh also the fabric to finish my blockheads 3 is on its way, along with some other goodies. Life is so good!

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Inspiration, Quilt Backs and Fuelled by Fabric

Have you ever come across someone’s quilt that not only the top caught your eye but the back as well?

Early this winter my brain really needed a break from all of the world happenings and so I started reading new to me blogs. There were some that I ended up reading from their start to their most recent posts…oh the inspiration out there!

One blog that caught my eye and interest is this one https://louisaenright.com

Louisas design wall when I found her held two scrap quilts that looked like a lot of fun to piece. One was her gaggle of geese, she has a tutorial on her blog to make these geese one at a time which is very helpful when using scraps.

Gaggle of Geese by Louisa Enright

“A Gaggle of Geese” Quilt

I really love the top and those who know me know that I love piecing flying geese and have a wonderful collection of scraps…so this style quilt is on my to do list. I also couldn’t help myself but to source the backing that she used.

I started by checking with my friend Donna who owns and runs a Quilt Bus that she named Fuelled by Fabric.


Donna normally travels with her bus/quilt shop all over North Western Ontario with her wonderful bus full of fabric and goodies! She found the fabric and ordered a bolt which led to a trip to her shop in Pass Lake…

While ordering backings, Donnas husband wanted to choose one and below is the result…it is interesting I can’t wait to see the quilts it ends up on!

Moda Blockheads 3, Wendy's Quilting

Moda Blockheads (block 23)

For those who know me well, they know that I love precision piecing! I often tell people it’s one of the few things in life that have total control over, not really true but in some ways yes.

This block called luck penny had some challenges which were met by pressing directionally. It ended up being fun little block.

Moda Blockheads 3, Wendy's Quilting

Moda Blockheads 3 Block 37

I am still slowly working on my blocks for this quilt and haven’t decided how many more I will do. Piecing has always been something that I really enjoy and for the most part like to take my time as accuracy is my goal.

This morning I finished block 37. I had been procrastinating a bit as joining square in a square blocks can be a challenge. This morning I remembered seeing a tip on a utube by Edita Sitar and it sure worked well.

First of all though I made my little blocks using my Simple Folded Corner Ruler.

Yes, the ruler is upside down…I am left handed.

When joining these units I use a pin to match the corner points on the inside square and once aligned I very carefully place the join under the needle of the machine having removed the pin first. By hand I lower the needle just before the centre of the points and sew the rest of the seam.

Before finishing the seam I check to see if I’ve made a good match.
I pressed this seam open to reduce the bulk.
A sweet 8 1/2” block
Quilting, Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

My Kind of Day

It was sunny out today, but surprisingly chilly I think I heard that it got to –17C overnight brrr considering its supposed to be spring.

Anyways I spent a good part of the day doing what I set out to do today and I’m happy to say I have all the blocks except 2 small parts completed.



The reason I say except for 2 small parts is that the grey pinstripe I chose to use is directional and I made a mistake in placement so I had to fix my problem and I’m now short 2 3.5” pieces. Thankfully I have a good quilting friend who has come to my rescue and I’ll be able to finish up the last block in the next day or so.

I know that this quilt is a copy of one that I saw, but I love the fabric and I love the pattern so I will now have one too. I highly recommend  Sunny Trails and will make it again and probably with stash.