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Flock Block and Rulers and Organization

The second block of this season of the “Color” Collective is called Flock and comes with another fun palette to work with. (designed by Tara Faughnan and organized with Amy Newbold of Sewtopia)

I also added pearl pink into my palette. My new phone camera captured the colours really well considering the picture was taken at night.

I have just begun my flock quilt. The flying geese units are bigger than I usually make and as usual I pulled out my wing clipper ruler for trimming down my units.

These specialty rulers are not necessary as the job can be done with regular quilting rulers. It’s just that along the way in my quilting journey I have accumulated some pretty neat tools.

I was watching Karen Brown of Just Get it Done Quilts on her Q&A you tube, she was talking about cleaning out and organizing rulers.

This brought me to thinking about my collection, as a long time quilter I do have a large collection and at this stage I would not consider parting with any of my rulers.

I keep my most used cutting rulers for piecing close at hand, occasionally I move them as needed for space.

Karen also spoke of getting rid of old worn out cutting mats…the purple one pictured is so well worn however it belonged to a dear friend and I really enjoy using it for quick trims. I find different size and colour mats very useful. My Sunny top is complete and I have been hoping to get a good picture to share, today is looking favourable.

My specialty rulers that I reach for most often are all together and also easily assessable.

I use a lot of bins from the Dollar Store to stay somewhat organized.

Years ago I came across this large board and I have made such good use of it, at one time it sat atop an old dresser and was used as my cutting table. Then at some point and because I needed a large ironing station for customer quilts, I covered it with batting and Teflon ironing fabric. It sits on top of what are meant to be used as laundry room cabinets and is the perfect height for both cutting and pressing.

This space I like to keep just for what I am presently working on. I usually have at least two personal projects on the go at a time. My Long Time Gone is still very close at hand.

Tucked away in the closet are two bins of sometimes used rulers. They are fun to have and I love being able to share with quilting friends who are just starting out on this journey as friends shared and helped me along my way.

I am fortunate that for most of my quilting journey I have had a dedicated space for my quilting and as empty nesters even more space. I do my best to stay somewhat organized, when I am busy with piecing my room can become a little upside down but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Flock Block and Rulers and Organization”

  1. Ay yi yi!! I am loving all the pictures in this post. I don’t have a ton of specialty rulers but maybe with time??

    I’m very curious about the table you have your Juki on? I love the ruled surface all around it – how nice for sewing corner to corner. Can you tell me more about it? I’m going to be googling and looking for more information!!

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  2. Hi Katie, I suspect that I am a little ahead of you on this life journey of ours so yes with time your collection will grow. I started with a 6×12” omnigrid ruler cutter and small mat of course that was about 36 years ago or so.

    Regarding your question I have the Sew Steady Grid Glider on my table. I had tried another brand but am happy with this one…oh if it only came in blue haha it probably will now 😊

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  3. Oh goodness, you’ve set me off on a hunting expedition for new sewing tables and mats, ha!! Thanks so much for the info 🙂 And now I want to escape into the basement and go sew!!

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