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Quiet but Busy and Half Square Triangle Tutorial

This week seems to have flown by, I was able to accomplish a few things in my studio as well as some very welcome walks out in the sunshine.


I finally have all 30 blocks completed for Emily’s quilt. Now I have to decide on sashing. I would probably use a muslin if I’d had enough but I don’t and I can’t find a perfect match. So my next idea is to use one of the prints beside the blocks. I’ll lay it out next week and share some pictures and hopefully get some opinions.

I’ve been quilting a custom job on my longarm that is taking longer than I like, so for a little diversion I started another project using my Beach House Layer Cake.


I’m ready to piece these 25 blocks which will be part on my next Schnibble.

While trimming my half square triangles, I was thinking that some people might not be aware of the Quilt in a Day Ruler that I use. This is a tool that makes trimming these a breeze:

in this example I used two 5” charm squares right sides together, and drew a diagonal line.


I sew a very scant 1/4 inch seam on both sides of the line and then cut along drawn line.


Using the ruler, in this case I’m making 3 1/2” squares so I line up the stitched line with the 3 1/2” line and trim


Press open and trim the dog ears if you desire.


In my opinion this ruler is worth more than its weight in gold!! I hope that it helps you too.

8 thoughts on “Quiet but Busy and Half Square Triangle Tutorial”

  1. I had never heard of this ruler before OR how to trim HST that way. I can see where it saves time (or at least one cut) Thanks for that review. Do you trim off the dog ears?


  2. Thank you so much for that tutorial! I have that ruler and never use it because I was using it wrong!! Duh., 🙂 Okay so now I’m off to read your older posts. Love your LA quilting! Beauitiful!


  3. Oooh, I know I have this ruler! I’m going to try it out! (I know, if I have the ruler, why haven’t I tried it out before? I don’t know. LOLOL!)


  4. I make 1/2 square triangles like you do starting out with squares and not triangles but I press them and then square them up. This ruler looks interesting. I must see it I can find one of them.


  5. You are very welcome! This ruler has made a huge difference in the time it takes to trim, and gives me perfect accuracy 🙂 Wendy PS thank you for visiting my blog and for the comment.


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