Twister Wreath

This is one of the most visited posts over the years. It was from a class on the twister ruler/technique. As a sideline to the actual class my friend Alva shared the placement of the first block in order to cut it into a wreath. After all these years it seems that this technique is still out there and being made. So I thought it would be fun to bring it forward here….just in case anyone wants to piece one before Christmas.

While attending Alva’s twister class


I told a few people I would post this picture on my blog for them, here it is


4 thoughts on “Twister Wreath”

  1. I always admired those folks who came up with a not straight forward way of making something–it is a visual/mechanical enginnering type thing that my brain just cannot imagine—only admire.


  2. I see all these twister projects I want to make but nobody ever states what size twister ruler to use and what size squares to cut. I have several sizes of twister rulers and no idea which one to use


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