Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Liam and the Brownie Experiment

While we wait for an opening on Grandmas Longarm to quilt Liam’s quilt we decided to try a different project.

The schools so far will re open on the 19th which I think is a good thing… Liam misses being in school with his teacher and friends. We both needed to come up with something fun and even silly to do.

I suggested that gym class would be going down to the pantry and that he could search for the boxed brownie mix that I had bought for this purpose. Oh did that hit his humour button!

We also decided that the language lesson would be reading the instructions, math would be measuring and science would be in the experiment of using the waffle iron.

So, I will admit that we both agreed that our first attempt was a colossal fail! I will also admit that it was my fault and should have suggested we research our project a little further…it turns out that you don’t just follow the directions on the box…so we added a couple of eggs to the batter.

The next one was for the win!

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