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Spring Break, Liam Adventures and Quilt

This week is what was supposed to be March break for Ontario schools it was changed to April due to Covid…with a plan to reopen schools on the 19th. Plans change and now the schools will remain closed and students are to continue with virtual learning until further notice.

Liam and I made a plan yesterday for how we will approach virtual learning when we start again. It has been a very real challenge to keep him in front of that laptop for learning.

Erik taught him how to use a slingshot over the weekend, so we went for a walk in the woods so that he could practice his shot. No critters were involved.

On our walk to the mailbox Liam reminded me that we spent last March break together so now it’s a tradition. He assures me that he will always want to hang out with me.

The mailbox contained a big envelope that caught his attention and he opened it as soon as we got home and read a lot of it!

We took Liam to the Dells in 2019 with a plan to return the next summer…that didn’t happen. Liam still loves to talk about that adventure and we have promised that when it’s safe and we can that we will go again.

We spent the afternoon quilting his quilt.

It was a challenge at first and then I decided to try standing behind him with my hands over his and help guide the machine. By the time we finished he was the driver and had really gotten the hang of it! This morning we will trim it and make the binding.

Liam requested and had his favourite supper.

Years ago my Auntie Marie suggested that we had blueberry pie for breakfast…I mentioned that to Liam so guess what’s for breakfast today! We are making the most of these days together and hopefully get also making lots of great memories!

4 thoughts on “Spring Break, Liam Adventures and Quilt”

  1. As hard as life has been with Covid, your time with Liam is a perfect example of the bright spots people are finding! Good luck with virtual learning over the next few weeks.. it is SO hard for so many children and families – I hope you and Liam find your grooves.


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