Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Hand Sewing Needles

I am a machine quilter and piecer. For the most part the only hand sewing that I do is on the bindings on quilts.

For years I have used Bohin size 8 straw milliners and they were great however they have a tendency to bend. Someone suggested Lori Holts needles so I gave them a try but found them too thick and didn’t glide through the fabric as I like. A blogger that I follow had recommended Clovers Black Gold needles…while they are very thin and strong I was still labouring to push the needle through the fabric.

Then I read on another blog that she had ordered and tried and highly recommended Tulip Needles so I decided to give them a try!

They are fantastic! Perfect length very thin and strong. The packaging is different and felt like a little present and the needles come in a cute little tube with a cork top.

I may have to start a hand sewing project soon!

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