Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Liam and Art

As our continued lockdown due to Covid continues along with the schools being virtual only. Liam and I worked hard this last week on studies…virtual learning is not easy nor is it for all kids.

We were both thankful for art on Friday, early in the week the kids were told that they would need items from nature. Liam bought into this project right away! He began collection items while we worked on readying the flower beds for summer.

On Friday we watched a slide presentation and video. The students were instructed to create their art outside and take pictures to be uploaded on the school platform.

Starting out in the front yard, after getting out his old wheel barrel only to realize that he has more than outgrown it!
We headed into the bush where he found a large stump to use as his platform. Using a robins nest left from last year as his centre piece he added various pine cones and a crocus to the nest then various rocks and a pine bough…he wanted to make a teepee with some branches he found so we tied them with a willow branch.

Then for more colour he found some birch branches left from last falls tree harvesting.

He had so much fun making his art! What a great project kudos to his teacher…who also made it clear that these projects were intended to stay outside.

After a very busy week, he finished it off with a bubblegum ice cream cone.

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