Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

A Lot of Life Happening…

There is a quilt on my Longarm ready for trimming and another ready to be delivered…

Today is Erik’s 65th birthday and last day of work! The long awaited and planned for retirement begins! We will begin it with a lot of fishing as we are still restricted in travel.

Today is also Liam’s half birthday which he is also pretty excited about. He and Pappa have been discussing ice cream cake for some time.

Liam and I went on a hike not far from here, yesterday…his first long hike with me and half way through he asked if we could start doing it more often. It’s an hour and a half and a good workout!

We were also testing out the new walkie talkies they worked really well.

The hike is in a conservation area which made for a great teaching opportunity.

Adding his Inukshuk
Hard to resist!

When we got home, Pappa had discovered a mouse family in our boat…I went inside while Liam excitedly assisted in the eviction!

He thought bringing the evidence close to my face was pretty funny!

So our summer is beginning. I will still continue to Longarm Quilt as it’s just what I do 😊

One of the most exciting to Liam esp was this discovery under our deck which is in clear view from the pool. More to come on that I hope!

2 thoughts on “A Lot of Life Happening…”

  1. I love this post! That’s a beautiful quilt. The long hike with Liam is a delight. And what kind of bird eggs are those??? Such a beautiful teal color. AND a mouse nest to solve. This post is full of interesting events, for sure.

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  2. Robin eggs, there was a nest there last summer. We do our best not to disturb the robins so I use my phone to take quick pictures when mom is away from the nest. Last year Liam was able to watch the whole process, we were both a little sad to see the fledglings leave the nest. Liam had been watching the spot for about a month. There were a few starts then stops and he had almost given up. He has even researched robins on his own.


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