Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario


The sky is rumbling this morning as it was yesterday morning. While I cut grass with the riding mower Friday evening I watched the sky as the clouds rolled in darker and darker and just as I was close to finishing the wind picked up to the point where you know it’s time to head inside! There wasn’t a lot of rain just thunder and quite the light show.

Our weather has been hot and humid the last few days a little unusual for this time of year. It’s also black fly and mosquito season and as careful as I have been I have more than my share of bites.

Now that Erik has retired we have added a couple of gardens and had a load of soil delivered and picked up a load of horse manure from a farm not too far from here. Needless to say there has been a lot of outside work lately.

Liam learnt how to use our dandelion puller though we gave up on controlling them years ago!

The government announced last week that the schools will remain closed until September so virtual learning continues until June 25th. Liam had mixed emotions about the decision, he does miss being at school but he also enjoys being here though he really dislikes virtual class. We have adapted and he works on some of the assignments that are posted independently.

We often head out for explores in our woods. There are mallards nesting by our pond.

Liam guessed that the robins were hatching, I went under the deck and took a few quick pictures so we could see what was going on…

Next time I will take a little more time to get a better picture. It was fun to see though. There was also a squirrel lurking about…I chased it off and so far it hasn’t been back.

On the quilting front I am currently working on a customers series of 5 wallhanging which I will share soon. I realized after the fact that I didn’t take pictures of Lorraines latest quilt which made me sad as she isn’t sure if she will get to the last two she has planned due to her declining health.

My Moda blockheads quilt is still on the wall as I wait for the Bella Solid to arrive for sashing.

So while I wait I have started working on my next quilt Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell. I am planning to make it primarily from scraps.

On a fun note I added a little fabric to my stash…

Check out Fuelled by Fabric if you are in my area, Donna does deliver and does curbside as well.

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