Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

First Fishing trip of 2021

The three of us decided yesterday morning that we needed a fishing day!

It was a bright sunny day and while we knew that fishing and the full moon don’t always mean a good catch we persevered.

Our adventure included some exploring and pictures of Liam on an interesting rock that looks carefully placed.

It’s actually so much larger close up!

A tiny island that provided a safe little swimming hole. This lake lacks areas for swimming.

The rocks under the water are very slippery and the lake is deep.
A good climb and view and another first for Liam.
Another first and According to Liam the most fun part of the day was his driving fast across the lake!

My excitement was my first catch of the summer! It was a team effort of course as I doubt I would have netted it myself while reeling in. We haven’t seen a pickerel this size at this lake before.

I am getting braver about holding my fish.

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