Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario


Eriks Mom and I arrived yesterday, we flew Porter which was a first for me and what a smooth and easy experience. My girls explained how Uber works and wow that was fantastic.

We are staying on the 24th floor of the Chelsea. My only gripe is that there are no longer coffee makers in the room…I brought my own which won’t surprise anyone who knows me!

While Hilkka rested, I set out for groceries as we have a room with a kitchen. I am not a big city girl that’s for sure and using my maps app on the phone sure makes everything so much easier.

Our evening view was much brighter, though it definitely is a lot louder than our for the most part quiet country life. So many non stop sirens.

We have a balcony so it was nice to get some air last night.

I have begun a little English Paper Piecing project to keep busy while we are here. That will be another post. I am hoping to visit the Workroom while here as it seems my closest option of a quilt shop and it certainly looks intriguing….have any of you been there?

3 thoughts on “Toronto”

  1. The only thing I know is that Johanna Masko came to our quilt show a few years
    Ago to teach classes. I took the pineapple block without specialty rulers.
    Good luck.

    Peggy Skillen.
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  2. Enjoy….. Sew Sisters is accessible, with Uber prices around there right now may be a little pricey but a great shop. I love the City view at the Chelsea … go up to the Pool & outdoor Patio. Unobstructed beauty. I have taken many photos from that deck. Uber is our new way to move around the City, however, I love the subway, bus system more, it is so efficient. Too many people right now during Covid, Uber makes it possible to avoid too much contact. Make sure you check and keep track of your Uber useage….I just returned and waiting for holds to finish before I contact…right now it looks like I have duplicate charges on 3 very expensive rides.

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  3. Thank you Ellen! I did decide on the workroom as it was closer. I felt safe with Uber but will for sure watch my credit card.
    I did manage to find some fun colour to bring home 😊


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