Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Toronto …part 3

Yesterday was a full day. The purpose of the trip was for Erik’s Mom to under go a TAVI procedure. (A heart valve replacement) thankfully for the most part everything went smoothly and after an overnight hospital stay we are back together at the hotel.

The rest of our stay will be in the hotel and for her to relax and rest with a little walking more each day.

I really enjoy not having to eat out and have found it very easy to make healthy delicious and fast meals with careful shopping. I much prefer my cooking and the money saved can go to more fun things like adding to my fabric stash!

Last nights supper made from some of a pkg of a fresh stir fry mixture and some rotisserie chicken and a little sauce.

I had to wait outside of the hospital this morning for a half hour before they let me up to visit. I found a nice shady spot to sit and relax… these buildings are so interesting to look at so much concrete but where I sat had so many trees and nice green grass. A little oasis.

My little project awaits me while Hilkka rests up for our journey home on Monday .

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