Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Autumn Life

Life has been busy around here. We often comment on how quickly each day seems to have passed. Erik has been retired for almost 5 months, like many say…he really doesn’t know how he had the time to go to work!

A long needed project well on its way to completion

Eriks Mom is doing really well. Her heart valve replacement has been a total success thankfully!

Liam is happy to be back to in class learning, though reports that he misses the food and time with us. It is as it should be though and we are very happy to have him here for visits.

Hiking at Mills Block with Mom and Grandma
Working with his Dad, Liam said running the excavator was way more fun than video games

More exciting family news has been shared 🥰 being grandparent truly is the best!

I finally finished freezing apples yesterday so some fall cleaning is in order.

Happily my customers are keeping me very busy with their quilts. Life is busy and full but oh so good!

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