Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Lorna’s Quilts

It’s been an interesting first week of November. Some mornings I have woken to a white world and this mornings temperature was 10C. Some days were so pretty with blue sky and sunshine and others were darker and a little gloomy.

Unfortunately when I took pictures of the quilt below the daylight was not working in my favour, so the quilt is not showing it’s true brightness. I still want to share it as it’s a pretty quilt and the quilting still shows in the picture. I used the pantograph Here and There.

Thankfully this one turned out better.

Oh and the butter yellow beautiful backing really shows the pretty stitches!

Both the above quilt and then next ones had been waiting for a while to be quilted. They were both a bit of a walk down memory lane as I recognized both their fabrics and patterns.

The first quilt shop in Thunder Bay was called Patchworks, Diana the owner ran fantastic classes, clubs and programs. I often still quilt tops that originated from that shop, I also often hear Quilter’s talk of how they miss that shop. Diana retired several years ago.

There also used to be a chain store called Fannys Fabrics, it was huge and had a fantastic corner of quilting fabrics, and so nice for me in those days they also had a corner that was set up for children to play. Some of the fabrics in the next quilt reminded me of that store. We Quilter’s still miss it even though it has been gone for many years.

Back to Lorna’s quilts.

Diana’s shop was well known for its warm earthy country colours. Thimbleberries was really big in that era of quilting. This isn’t one of them, it just brought it to mind.

The majority of my customers like to have me trim their quilts, which I offer as a free service. It is a lot easier to trim on the Pantograph side of my machine.

I chose the pantograph Bayside and loaded the quilt sideways in order to have the design flow in the right direction. I really love the result.

Lorna requested that I provide the backings for her quilts…a great excuse to visit Donna and her quilt shop in Pass Lake. I mentioned that in a recent blog post but wanted to share that is where these backings were purchased.

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