Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario


Each day December feels shorter and daylight wise that is definitely the case. I always look forward to the 21st when the reverse begins. Winter Solstice.

This year we found our tree just days before the first significant snowfall. We go to a close by place where they grow them for people to cut their own tree. It’s always a good walk around as we discuss different trees until we both agree on the perfect one.

Last Sunday was a snow day, and Monday mornings view was so pretty.

My morning coffee view

When I picked Liam up from school on Monday for his weekly sleepover visit, he was so excited about all of the snow. His only complaint was that they didn’t get to have outside recess in the morning due to the temperature being -27c and with the windchill in the -30’s. He told me that wasn’t really very cold!

Erik has been planning to buy jumbo lego blocks for years. We had mentioned them to Liam this fall and he was really onboard with the idea.

The fort was built as soon as we arrived home.

Liam has many ideas for things to build!

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