Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Mid December

December is always an interesting and busy month. I loved the result of the last snowfall, the whole world just looks so bright and clean esp when the sun comes out.

Yesterday however was a grey and foggy one and we had rain overnight and a forecast of snow later today. I do love a white Christmas so hopefully there will be more snow.

Quilting has been busy of course and the Christmas jobs are almost finished. One small one to go for later today.

Of course my machine had a hiccup as a Longarm sometimes does thankfully it was easily resolved, it was a worn out bobbin case…yes they wear out!

Our tree is up and when Liam arrived on Monday the lights and garland were on it and he saw the ornaments and went right to work hanging them while I made supper.

Liam did such a nice job and it was fun telling him the stories of the ornaments as I have collected special ones over the years. Many have been carved by my Dad and painted by my Mom. This year I bought a box of candy canes to add to the tree which Liam though was a fantastic idea.

Liam will spend more time here over the holidays and we have baking plans, his request as we have done so every year that he can remember. He also wants to build and sleep in his lego fort one night and like me he is hoping for a white Christmas. He wants the snow for another reason though, he and Pappa like to drive the snowmobiles!

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