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All is Calm

The picture below was taken a year ago from our garage roof by Erik last winter. I have shared it on this blog before.

I have been pondering what to write about 2021…it sure was a year of blessings and challenges. The thing about this picture of our home is that it reflects the calm and peace that it brings. Regardless of the challenges that came my way over the year I have been so thankful for this safe sanctuary.

We have been immensely blessed with family and we will soon be adding a seventh grandchild into our lives. Together we have seven daughters who along with their families truly do enrich our lives.

One day in December we were able to have a Christmas celebration with some of our family and all but one grandchild and wow what a busy party that became! Our calm quiet house came to life with so much fun and laughter!

We were so busy living life we forgot pictures…we alway enjoy our tree into the new year.

When discussing Christmas plans with my Dad, I mentioned how I had been craving a prime rib roast dinner like the Sunday dinners that I grew up with. He took up that challenge…he has really become an amazing cook in the last few years! We enjoyed Christmas dinner at my Dads.

I took care of the Yorkshire pudding and gravy and made sure to have horseradish while my youngest and her husband took care of the veggies. I should have taken more pictures but was just enjoying the moments!

Dad cooked the roast in his Green Egg bbq and it was cooked to perfection and carved just right. What a treat!

2021 has taught me many lessons, most of which I had already learned but then life has a way of adding twists and turns and detours. We said goodbye to loved ones, had health scares in the family all along with riding the current seemingly at times never ending pandemic. This year tired me out at times making me realize how very crucial self care is.

Welcome 2022… I greet you with a resolve of more self care!

My January 1, 2022 morning view! Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “All is Calm”

  1. This post is so lovely Wendy. I, too, remember rib roasts “back in the day.” I bought one this year when our local grocery put them on sale for the holidays. I’m looking forward to cooking it and making soup with the bones.


  2. Happy New Year to you and your family, not only are you a awesome long armer you are also a great writer. Enjoy the rest of the weekend


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