Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

A Fresh Start and Life

To the day that is, I am so glad that I can stay home today…I will wait until we hit the warmest part of the day to walk bundled up to get the mail and only because there will be a pkg for me.

Liam will be here soon, today is the last virtual day as the kids return to their classrooms on Monday. Hopefully that will work out. It will be much quieter here but he has already booked March break with us!

Yesterday I read a blog post at Sisterschoice where Nicole shared that she had collected all of the blocks for the Fatquarter Shop 2011 Designer Mystery Block of the Month. She has decided it’s it to make the quilt. Well…. Guess what I have?

The difference is that I have all of my blocks completed and began the finishing kit and then life took a different direction. Years ago my friend Florence used to piece tops for me when I would get too busy and I would quilt for her.

She came by with quilts yesterday and left with the treasure box. So perhaps this year Strawberry Fields will again see the light of day! Thank you for the nudge Nicole!

We had visitors last weekend. Liam had built a special fort knowing who was coming. Jaxson was initially leary of entering the fort so his mom crawled inside and I handed him to her. It didn’t take long before he was inside on his own and climbing the walls.

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