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Mom’s Quilt

I have several quilts waiting for pick up, not unusual with this time of year and unfavourable driving conditions of winter. As I write this morning more snow is falling. I prefer to have my customers see their quilts before I share them here.

While I wait I decided to share the story of the last quilt my Mom made.

Years ago my Mom decided to use up some of her stash…do most quilters ever ever actually use it all up?

She and my Dad decided that they wanted an extra large queen size quilt and after the top was finished I quilted it for them, I offered to add the binding however Mom wanted to do it herself.

After my Mom passed away, I found the quilt tucked away in their basement and brought it home to complete the binding. It took 3 years and a little help from a dear friend. Thank you Florence!

My Mom died February 15, 2019, I was sitting by her side holding her hand as she took her last breath. She had had a massive heart attack 5 days prior and one of my daughters and I made sure that she wasn’t alone during those days or nights. I am so thankful that I was with her, not everyone understands what a gift that can be.

Still, last week my Mom was very much on my mind, grief does come in waves. I shared this with a very wise friend of mine who pointed out that the loss of a Mom causes “a still-fresh sadness and a deep hole in your life. The loss of the mother…is so hard…and includes suddenly being thrown on the front line of existence without a parent buffer in front of you.” Thank you Louisa. Yes, thankfully I still have my Dad!

I decided to bring the quilt to my Dad, on the 15th. To say he was tickled pink would be a mild way to describe his reaction. He wanted it on his bed right away and so we removed the thimble berries quilt he uses for the winter. The scrap quilt immediately brightened his room!

I checked with my Dad the next morning and he said he had the best sleep under his new quilt.

7 thoughts on “Mom’s Quilt”

  1. Wendy, thank you so much for sharing this very special story about your Mom.
    What a beautiful quilt and beautiful beautiful story.
    It immediately brought tears to my eyes.
    It doesn’t matter what age we are, losing our mom leaves a deep hole that is never filled. The ache of grief never leaves. I will be 60 and still awake in the night and cry for my Mom.
    I’m so glad you shared this. I send love and hugs to you! Love you!

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  2. Lovely quilt. Your Mom was such a talented artist in more than one area. I still have woven placemats she created. They are every bit as beautiful as the day I received them. Also have an item she painted folk art style. We never forget our mothers. Mine passed when I was 11., before I had an opportunity to have a real relationship. Count yourself so very lucky your Mom and Dad moved closer to you. When I asked her why she would move back to the cold, her response “Family is Important.” You were very loved by your Mom, always! Xo

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  3. What a wonderful story. So happy you got that quilt to your father – what a gift! Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us.


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