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Memories and Family

My love of sewing began as a small child, my mother sewed and her machine was never put away as I recall. I loved to play with fabric!

We had a neighbour at one time who made Raggety Ann dolls and Barbie doll clothes and oh did I love that woman’s sewing room. So full of colour and fun! I remember receiving one of her dolls…I also loved that doll until she was threadbare. That revealed the stuffing…pantyhose!

A family trip to visit my Aunty Mary in Kamloops in that same era of my life holds a strong memory of a bag of scrap fabrics that she gave me to play with! (My Aunty Mary is my Dads sister)

I have been fortunate to have so many people who are creative in my life. My Aunty Mary is a weaver and her work is so beautiful, if I wasn’t a quilter…I would want to be a weaver!

One of Aunty Mary’s looms and a towel in progress.

My Aunt also hooks rugs and shared this on her Facebook page in thinking of those in Ukraine.

I read a blog this morning whose writer hadn’t written these last two years…they have been challenging years and the latest development in the world is as she called it such a sucker punch! I know for myself as the horrible news of what is happening in Ukraine began to unfold it was hard to feel safe, hopeful and creative without feeling guilty. I still feel at a loss, my creativity has always been a refuge from life’s storms and I am still so thankful for it.

2 thoughts on “Memories and Family”

  1. Lovely post. I agree about weaving—I went that direction a little with a hand-held old-fashioned loom and made sturdy small rubs from leftover fabric, old sheets, etc. I knew if I touched one piece of a real loom, I’d be in trouble. What a gorgeous towel your aunt is making.


  2. Lovely post. I knew if I ever touched a loom I’d be in real trouble—and so concentrated on quilting. I did use a small hand loom (made with nails to hold the woof part) to make sturdy throw rugs out of leftover quilt fabric, old sheets, and the like. The towel on the loom in your picture is so beautiful.


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