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Creativity…not quilting related

While most of my creative endeavours are quilting related and I really don’t see that changing, I do love to be creative in the kitchen.

I am really fortunate to cook for someone who is very appreciative of my kitchen skills and who is not a picky eater. I often will try a new recipe that I find online.

This week I made https://www.budgetbytes.com/teriyaki-meatball-bowls/ it was easy fast and only a few ingredients that I had on hand. I substituted ground chicken for the ground pork.

My kitchen adventures became a lot more fun this week due to the latest addition to my tools! This addition was a little premature though some say it’s about time.

You see I live with one of the most handy men I know, this stove was bought in 1989 and while we had plans to replace it we had hoped to wait until we finished updating the house…long awaited retirement plans!

Well a couple of weeks ago while making my tried and true sweet and sour meatball recipes the oven decided not to turn on! After a serious hour or so of diagnosing it was determined that it was time for a new stove.

I have been researching for some time. We had for a long while planned for a gas stove but when introduced to induction and learning more about it we decided that was the way to go.

So while I was out shopping for new cookware…yes you do need certain cookware…I was due for an upgrade there anyways…this was delivered:

So, now I was able to bake the above meatballs with convection and the sauce on induction. The learning curve has been so easy. The first night was stir fry and wow that was fast and easy. The best part is the cleanup!

2 thoughts on “Creativity…not quilting related”

  1. Congratulations on your beautiful new oven! I think it’s awesome that you love to cook… I hope to love it one day, too!


  2. I love induction!!! Have used it for over 1- years!!! It does take a bit of an adjustment. I find that it is a bit hotter than gas or electric. So if my recipe say medium heat, I usually go down a bit from medium. One of my favorite things is to but old dish towels around the sauce pot when hubby makes his sauce. Quick clean up, towels just go with the saucy mess into the wash and the stovetop just needs a quick wipe.

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