Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Spring Storms

March can be such an interesting month. This March certainly has been.

I have been quietly working away on my customer quilts, I did get waylaid a bit by a cold that forced me into a few days of rest. This allowed time to also hand sew some bindings.

My Flock quilt top is completed and I have a quilting plan but will need to decide both on the backing and then when it will fit into the longarm que. I absolutely love the colours and pattern of this quilt. I may have mentioned before that I let the blocks land where they may…I placed them on the wall as I made them and for the most part kept them in that order.

Last week we had some really lovely weather that allowed for some coffee and for Erik reading on the deck. Then this!

I put the ruler in the snow at noon March 23rd this was in the driveway that the day before was almost bare.
March 18th
To be fair the head had melted off of the snowman but still! That was a lot of snow!

The sun has returned this morning and the temperature will be above zero all day, hopefully that was this winters last hurrah though somehow I suspect we haven’t seen the last spring storm for 2022.

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