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Girls can Fly!

Many years ago while a young Mom I was blessed with meeting a new friend…she was and is a true answer to prayer.

My youngest was a baby and the next door neighbours had moved to the east coast leaving their 19 year old son their house…which became a party house and more often than not the parties would spill into the front yard waking me from what precious sleep that I was getting. I very seriously started praying for new neighbours.

One morning I realized that the prayer had been answered. We had a connecting driveway and one afternoon my third daughter knocked on her door inquiring what she was making for supper…because she didn’t like what I was making. Well, it turned out that my new neighbour was very much like me needing a new friend and came over to see if she and Mary could have dinner and make cookies as well….

Jaki became not only a good friend to my daughters and She became and is the sister that I never had as I have become to her. I am 10 years ahead of her on this life journey. I have adult children and she is busy raising teens.

Another really cool thing, at least to me is her chosen career when there were very few women flying. When we first met she was flying up North…a bush pilot! It’s has been so amazing watching her grow in her career but mostly as a woman who makes such a positive difference in this world especially in mine!

This article was recently written and shared with me…if you read through it towards the end you will read a little about my sister Jaki!


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