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The Duluth Birthday Trip 2022 and a New Quilt-shop!!!

Other than the last couple of years Erik and I travel to Duluth MN to celebrate his birthday. He has also been retired for a year.

This year we were able to travel. With all of the snow melting and rain the waterfalls and rivers were pretty spectacular, we make it a point to stop several times during the drive.

As soon as we cross the border we pull into the parking lot and enjoy the walk to high falls. https://www.exploringnorthshore.com/pigeon-river-high-falls/

After stopping at Rydens Border Store to pick up a few packages…we were back on the road.

Next stop was the DQ in Grand Marais….we almost always have to make an ice cream stop!

While back on the road, I was looking something up when Erik suddenly said oh there’s a quilt shop and asked if I wanted to stop….I answered “well I don’t really need to“…which was followed with…too late I am pulling in!!!

That’s when I met Sylvia, she opened her quilt shop just before the pandemic closed the border. She has a beautiful shop in Lutsen MN that is well worth the stop. I really enjoyed our visit and so much so that I forgot to take pictures inside the shop…so now you will need to go yourself and check it out!

Years ago we decided to stop using the expressway from Two Harbours to Duluth and instead take the scenic route along the lake… that’s when we discovered Russ Kendall’s Smokehouse. We almost always stop for a snack of smoked Cisco.

After settling into our hotel room, we set off for a walk along the lake, Duluth has done an amazing job with their waterfront and the weather was perfect! We turned around at the Lief Erikson Statue.

Another favourite treat is supper at Pizza Lucé for a delicious well deserved meal.

It rained all of the next day, which was ok because for the most part it was a shopping day.

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