Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

September RV Adventure part 2 Houghton/Hancock and area.

We left Duluth after our 2 night stay headed toward the Houghton/Hancock area.

The Upper Peninsula is known for its Finnish Heritage, so one of our first stops was The Little Finland Heritage site. One of the great things about travelling in the fall is how much quieter everything is the downside is that most sites move to self guided tours with the buildings closed. It was still a nice walk and fun to look around.

Look what I found!! I had read about the heart project but never ever considered finding a heart myself… this discovery truly put a smile on my face and Eriks as well.

Erik had done some research and found another Heritage site to visit which was fairly close to Houghton, though it was a little challenging to find.

The Hanka Homestead, we really enjoyed our self guided tour!

I have always loved these pumps and this one worked!
A love of tractors!
Smoke Sauna
The root cellar tucked away, that door was open and it was very cold inside on that hot day.

The house was locked up of course however I was able to peek into the windows.

Check out this clothesline!

We really enjoyed exploring this site.

And then we were on our way to find our campsite. We stayed at the Hancock Recreation Area Beach and Campground. Our site allowed us a view of the river as they call it there.

We spent the next day exploring. Starting off with a fun snack!

Of course I had checked for a quilt shop in the area and I was not disappointed!! I did add to my stash a little too 😊 and highly recommend this shop.

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