Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

November Snow and Life

Well we knew it was coming and we did make a point of savouring the last of the above freezing temperatures. This new view from the picture window will most likely be our reality for a while.

The hours of daylight are lessening with every day, making me increasingly thankful for my fun bright studio and the quilts that I am entrusted with to help complete.

This is one of the projects that kept me busy this week. I really do love the affect of a lot of background fill in this case circles and swirls…more about it in another post.

Liam will be 11 this month and is happily enjoying being in grade 6 and being in school. One of his latest accomplishments has been mastering the rubic cube! He was pretty proud of himself as he’s been working on that for several months.

In my free time I have continued to play with crumb piecing…

I have also discovered Minki Kim’s YouTube tutorials on her bag and pouch making. Have you checked them out?

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