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Grandma and Liam vrs the Ants

Let me begin this story by clarifying as Liam put it that we want to get rid of Ants not Aunts!

Liam reminded me about our ant study last year and asked to rewatch some of the YouTube’s that we watched before. He especially liked the one that involved a flame thrower! That won’t be happening here.

Every year it seems that the ants are winning as they seem to take over the yard and every year we try something new. This year friends brought us a new to us product to try. It seems to have worked on the first hill. So time will tell.

The bottom of the rock was full of ants trying to move the rock. As other areas they had moved the smaller rocks off of the house!

There are several remedies that I haven’t tried yet. This one involves a gel bait that goes into the little houses and the ants flock to it and bring it into the nest to feed the queen and babies.

Anyone have other successful remedies?