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The Dells (part 4)

Our last at the Dells was spent at Circus World in Baraboo. https://www.circusworldbaraboo.org

The weather was perfect thankfully and we were able to enjoy the show in the big top, tour all of the buildings as well as the outside trapeze act and motorcycle on the tightrope.

When we visited in 2019 there was a tiger show which was not there this time.

The big top performance this year had a pirate theme, it was a fun show to watch that included juggling, trapeze acts, clowning around of course and more.

Liam’s favourite act:

This guy was pretty amazing, you need to see the show yourself as I was watching it myself.
An elephant tricycle…

Here is a link if you are interested in the history and story of this interesting attraction.


Sadly it was time to leave the Dells but we sure had a great time.

We decided to take a different way home in order to show Liam the Mississippi River and enjoy a more scenic route. We spent the night in Winona Minnesota, we have often stopped there to grill as they have a really nice park there.