Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Summer Solstice and Robbins and Bunnies

It is officially summer! The days will gradually get shorter again daylight wise. Sunrise was 5:55am and Sunset today 10:03…summer days here are long. Of course we pay for that in December.

We were under a heat warning yesterday and it was extremely hot. At one point it was 33C and with the humidity much higher. The black flies and mosquitoes have been abundant so other that my gardening tasks I hid out in my studio quilting my day away.

The robins nest is looking very full

Last week while cutting the grass Erik discovered a bunny nest. It was such a treat to see especially because Liam was with us and was able to see it.

Unfortunately two mornings later the nest was empty, we found one lone bunny not far from the nest.

Bunnies are so well camouflaged!

Knowing that it’s best to leave them we let it be, however it didn’t move and after a huge thunderstorm it was soaked and still so we brought it in.

One of Eriks daughters is a true animal lover and encouraged us to rescue this bunny and she found someone to take over for us. We got word yesterday that the bunny is thriving.

The night before discovering the nest, there was a bunny looking in my Long-arm room window, when I brought Liam into the room to see, it hopped onto the window sill and stood up looking right at him. Later I noticed it was hopping erratically all over the yard. I wonder now if it was the mom and was aware of the predictor that took her baby’s.

The pool is almost set up again and yesterday when I went to check the water temperature there was a bunny resting beside the pool. They often hang out around the house.