Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Crumb Piecing Your Scraps

I have mentioned before that I have an almost lifelong love of fabric and sewing, as a child I loved nothing more than being given bits of fabric to play with add to that scissors and a needle and thread!

My early sewing years involved dolls and Barbie’s, later moving on to clothing for myself and a little later on for children. Discovering quilting changed my sewing world completely!

Being left handed, the rotary cutter made so much of a difference, as left handed scissors never really seemed to do the job well. My brain adjusted to the rulers designed for right hand people. Of course now there are rulers coming out for us lefties!

Could it be that a lot of lefties are quilters?

So having been a collector of quilting cotton for much of my life and having followed Bonnie Hunter from way back in her early blogging days….I recall her pointing out that we paid just as much per yard for scraps as full yardage. This is partially the reason that my studio holds a few special areas for storing scraps.

My LongtimeGone Quilt project is a scrappy quilt so one would expect the scrap pile would be shrinking…not so…it seems when the day is done and the lights are out the scraps get together and multiply!

Of course I still have some piecing to do to complete this project Longtime Gone and more scraps will be added to the top…still I keep anything that might fit into something else.

There are so many ideas online about how to deal with scraps, the one that’s pulling me in these days is Crumb Piecing and this morning a blog that I follow and have shared before on this blog posted a tutorial on her method.

Anne has many tutorials and shares so much information her site is well worth visiting.


I am sharing this picture of what I made one evening while listening to a zoom meeting…it started out as a small baggie of scraps that a dear friend shared with me. For someone who just loves playing with her sewing tools sometimes, crumb piecing really fits the bill.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

June Guild Meeting

Last night was the final meeting until fall for the Thunder Bay Quilters Guild.

The guild had arranged to have Rose Parr as a guest speaker. She spoke about Sew Smart-the Ergonomics of Healthy Quilting.

My cutting and pressing station are the perfect height for me, although I did realize that my chair was too low at my machine so tried changing it to the suggested height and experimented through the rest of the meeting with some crumb piecing and yes I prefer my chair higher!

I had started to sort through scraps while waiting for the meeting to begin and when I came across a little baggie of solid scraps I had a strong desire to play 😊 and by the end of the meeting this is what I came up with…

I was too late to send my Sisterhood swap block for last nights meeting however I do plan to use it for a bag at some point.