Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Summer 2021 Life

This has been the hottest and driest summer that I can remember. We had hoped to take a small trip somewhere however it just hasn’t worked out.

We thought about a trip to Grand Beach Manitoba but with record making temperatures we decided to stay at our own resort where we can use the pool anytime and enjoy the comforts of home and air conditioning.

I have been teaching Liam how to make Finnish pancakes and the other day he showed his Mom his special way of eating them! canned whipping cream is not something that I would normally buy however once in a while… he does have fun with it.

I have spent some time helping and visiting with my granddaughter and the cousin love is just so precious!

They are always so delighted to see each other!

In Texas news my eldest Grandson started Grade 6 this week. We are really hoping for a visit as it’s been way too long!

We visited with friends of ours, during covid lockdowns they decided to learn to use hula hoops so bought tubing from the hardware store and weighted them with water…and they both mastered them!

Erik has been busy with his new to him tool which the grandsons both asked if they could drive it as soon as they saw it!

I have been busy with family, gardening and of course quilting. My Longtime gone piecing has been a little slow this month though with Liam returning to school in a couple of weeks that should change.

I am almost halfway done making the little churn dash blocks, I love the small piecing.
Creative chaos!

Of course my summer has also involved my customer quilts…look for my next post soon.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Longtime Gone and Life

This journey of life is so often winding and full of twists and turns and mine of late has been just that. So far this summer has been extremely full.

Birthday Roses a gift from last years birthday that bloomed on my day this year!

I celebrated my birthday last month and was so surprised when several of our daughters (we have 7 combined) and all but one of our grandchildren (he lives in Texas) came over to visit and have a impromptu pool and dinner party. It was so much fun!!! How can you beat the joy and laughter of family.

There have been medical appointments for family members who I do my best to be there for and this last week also involved a one day trip to Toronto for tests. A two hour flight each way and thankfully my sister by choice was there to drive us to and from the hospital…that was a full day!

Eriks Mom and I waiting for our first flight!

There are some more medical situations happening and the coming weeks will involve big decisions and changes for members of our family. Aging is not always easy.

My Dad however is turning 84 next week, he just bought himself a new bike and is really enjoying that freedom and fun. It’s nice to see. He has spent the last couple of years learning and perfecting his cooking skills and he told me last night that my brother has bought a Ninja Foodie…Dad bought one because I have one and he has been encouraging my brother to get one as well. Dad told me last night that my brother bought one yesterday.

Liam is still here almost every weekday. I love his fun and laughter and feel so blessed that we can be such a big part of his life! He keeps our pool well stirred up. He really enjoyed his guy day with Pappa while I was in Toronto and the next day…because they couldn’t fit it all in started driving the go cart…pictures to follow in another post.

Liam chilling during our heat wave

So….Life sure has its moments and as much of it brings joy some of it is really heavy and can make me so weary. My quilting life really does as always get me through. My current customer quilt is mostly freehand fill and puts me in a wonderful zen mode.

My Longtime Gone blocks are coming along … it’s not a project to rush through instead I am savouring each step.

60 degree triangles
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Long Time Gone Quilt and Life

It amazes me at times how much fabric I have accumulated over the years. I have had so much fun pulling from scraps that have been gifted and then digging through my own bits and pieces…a few (maybe more than a few) fatquarters have followed me home from Donnas shop in Pass Lake and a little online shopping as well for background fabrics. Or is this just a little stash enhancement.

Also a little thread wax as I have never tried it before.

Yesterday’s trip included some fun for Liam, as he got to meet and hold Oreo…this little guy was found by Donna’s grandson and was almost expired before he set out to revive the baby which he clearly has. (There are plans to release him when he appears to be ready…hopefully it won’t involve a certain scent 🦨)

The fun hoodie Liam is wearing was a little big on him just a few weeks ago!

Piecing Long Time Gone has been just the project for relaxation this summer. The piecing really isn’t difficult and has enough variety to keep it interesting and what a fantastic opportunity to play with colour!

Some blocks for my Long Time Gone project
Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Weekend Recharge

We have been busy around here the last few weeks. Putting in a new garden and working around the yard takes time.

I continue to quilt for customers and of course I have Liam most days of the week, we are both happy to see the end of this school year in sight!

This past weekend I felt the need to recharge, I went for nice long walks and spent a lot of time in my studio.

I often put either some music on or a show on Netflix to keep me company however this weekend I came across Karen Brown of Just Get it Done Quilts. http://justgetitdonequilts.com

She offers so much content on her YouTube channel from learning about colour, using your scraps, decluttering your sewing space and of course making scraps.

My pineapple blocks needed to grow in order to be added to my Long Time Gone Quilt… somehow I ended up making 7 more than I needed. This type of piecing is very relaxing for me.

I also completed the Crosses of the U.K. blocks

And got a good start on this customer quilt…