Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Purple and Orange

I remember in grade 7, which would have been around 1975…one of my favourite tops had purple and orange stripes. I loved wearing it!

I also had an art teacher tell me that those two colours don’t go together there fore I was to rethink my assignment. Hopefully teachers today don’t stifle young creative peoples ideas such as back then.

Years later while making my first block of the month quilt…I decided to deviate from the pattern a little with my own idea and an at that time period friend exclaimed that I couldn’t do that! Well I did and I remember liking that mine was more unique!

Two things brought this to mind today first is this customer quilt!

Susan M’s quilt. Here and There Pantograph
I just love the colour combo

Next I have been puttering away at my Moda Blockheads quilt and am wanting it off the design wall. I have been wanting to make a sisterhood block so made one for the Moda quilt.

I haven’t done a lot of paper piecing and so this one gave me some challenges when putting the units together esp the centre. I ended up tacking down the points that really need to meet before sewing the whole unit. The paper is still in the block, I am sure once it’s in the quilt and quilted I will be quite happy with it.

I also really enjoyed how nice and round and smooth the appliqués turned out. The tulip brand needles I used were so smooth and easy to sew with along with 60 wt thread. Though in the further I may use 80 wt for appliqué instead.