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Another Favorite Place to Be

Well today was just plain cold! -45C with the windchill all day. The van was plugged in and I let it run for a long time, so after driving my youngest to school (after insisting that she wear her boots and warm gear..oh to be 13 lol) I made it in to work almost on time. My oldest used the van today which in one way was great, she picked me up and the van was already warm. This deep freeze is only supposed to last another day and then lift in time for the weekend, I sure hope so, I miss being outside.

I have work to do in the studio, but I thought I’d share some of my latest favorite pictures that make me warm…

Making Finn Pancakes, the recipe is from Erik’s oldest: 2 cups milk, 2 eggs, enough flour to make the right consistency and a dash of salt. I think the right amount of flour is around a cup. They are kind of like crepes.


img_0394-small.jpg img_0393-small.jpg

and another favorite place:





The Sauna 🙂 actually Erik’s Sauna

7 thoughts on “Another Favorite Place to Be”

  1. Things are warmer here in Eugene these days. Almost 10*C today — we’re having a heat wave! Sure beats the snow we were having when I left for the Bahamas. That was fun, but I’m glad to be home now. Also very glad it’s FRIDAY! Thanks for sharing the pictures.



  2. Hi Wendy! I thought I left a message when I looked at these photos but I don’t see it here so it was another time when my mental-pause was in control of my body. Geesh!

    I miss chatting with you, too.


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