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Slowly But Surely Its Coming

After Fridays snowstorm, we were all thrilled for temps above 0C over the weekend! Saturday morning I woke up at my usual workday time so I got up and quilted the 3rd of the scrap quilts I’ve been working on. Now to bind them, make the labels and send them on their way.

Yesterday we went for our hike in the bush and saw one of sure signs of spring!! Yep pussy willows!

Back to work this morning, weekends really do fly by but it was bright and sunny and a good day for the most part, even got out for a walk this afternoon.

I’m still really enjoying Sarah’s new car. Here are a few more pics of when it was all cleaned up and ready for her to drive for the first time. The only thing is that I hardly ever see her now that she has her own wheels… the snow is now all melted off of the driveway and if the temps keep up as forcasted for the week the snow might be almost gone by the weekend.

Mine and hers…

2 thoughts on “Slowly But Surely Its Coming”

  1. I love seeing pictures of your snow!! Here in California… we are having a heat wave, so the snow looks might cool!


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