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Really Slow Spring

Before bed last night I noticed a grass fire down by the creek behind my house, called 911 and they came and put it out. Thats a very common occurrence this time of year.

This morning when I woke up and looked outside from my bed it looked like it was foggy out….well when I sat up and had a good look the sky was white with snow as was the ground. We got about 10cm of very wet snow today. After brushing the snow off of my van I thought I’d clear the snow from Sarah’s car too… the time I was done the van was white again. The 15 minute drive to work took almost an hour today, driving on ice. The temps are rising now and I’m sure tomorrow will be a very wet day. I’ve been told that its supposed to be 18C on Monday but I’ll believe that when I see it. One good thing about all this snow is that the lake levels will be up this summer, which should be good for fishing. Another bonus is that I’m sure it will help with preventing forest fires this year.


I have the 3rd scrappy quilt loaded and ready to quilt, I’ll probably get it finished up in the morning. I still have to bind them and put labels on and then they can head off to their new homes. I’ve quilted several pantograph jobs in the last few months. The next few quilts will be custom which will be a nice change.

I’m really enjoying Sarah’s new car. In the last week I only used a quarter tank of gas, I was having to fill up once a week so I feel like I’ve gotten a huge raise esp. with my insurance going down too. She is loving her car too of course.

1 thought on “Really Slow Spring”

  1. I’m so glad you spotted the fire and called 911! Fire is a big threat in my area, too.
    Hugs from Carla

    PS: Should I mention it is 80 degrees here in Calif? LOL!


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