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A Perfect Autumn Day

With a hard to resist weather forecast, Erik decided to take a day off work so we could go fishing.


Megan decided to take the day off too and join us. The fishing wasn’t too great but the weather and scenery was beautiful and if was fun to have one of our girls with us for a whole day!!


We had a little friend greet us when we putting the boat into the lake. People must have been feeding him this summer because he sure wasn’t shy about coming close to us.


Moose Hunting season opens tomorrow morning, this hunting shack had been set up and left waiting for the weekend. I have a feeling that’s why the fox was hanging out. When we returned with the boat the door to the shack had been opened just enough for someone the size of a fox to get in.


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My Birthday Weekend

I love my Birthday, I consider it a celebration of life……years ago I decided that one day just wasn’t enough. So Although my Birthday is at the end of June I always say it’s not over until Erik and I have gone fishing and camping in September and he has to grill a smokie for me on the campfire.

Well my birthday is officially over…..I guess


We enjoyed a spectacular weekend of perfect weather. Two nights with campfires both nights were warm with a clear sky.


Three days of fishing


We caught our limit of Lake Trout……..Yumm!



and Bass

and then while Bass fishing I caught this (thankfully after 15 minutes of fighting with it Erik brought it in!) For those who don’t know it was a Pike (39” long and 14 lbs)


I love September fishing especially when we get great weather, I was also able to take a couple of swims……the weather has changed and we may only get a few warm days here and there before the cold air starts to settle in for the next several months.


Thank you Erik for another awesome Birthday Weekend!!!

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Fly in Adventure!

This was our second trip up to Pickle Lake for some visiting and fishing.

We drove from Thunder Bay (which is along Lake Superior)  to Pickle Lake which is a 7 hour drive. Hwy 599 isn’t too bad though there are parts that are gravel and I’m not sure I’d want to be driving it late at night.


After spending a night at the base camp visiting with our friends Dwight and Karen who own and run North of 51 Outposts


We flew out in the morning to Bow Lake (Northstar Air)


Thank you to Pam our great pilot (who is the same age as my eldest daughter..when did they start letting kids do all these jobs?)



nice smooth landing! The gear on the dock belonged to the fellows who were leaving, ours was being unloaded. Our pilot Pam not only flies but loads and unloads the plane..though the guys pitched in.IMG_5435

then we were left on our own…..


The second day we portaged through the bush to fish on the other side of the rapids, it was work carrying in everything we needed. (It made me think of some of the things you see on the Biggest Looser) But the fishing was great and well worth it, I think Erik would agree even after carrying our limit of walleye on a stringer through the bush! (thankfully there were no bears looking for easy pickings!)


We had a great couple of days of fishing, and eating Pickerel aka Walleye.

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Where is Summer?

We are still waiting for the real summer weather to arrive, and now Environment Canada is telling us that we’ll have to wait until next summer for seasonal temps. I think we might have had 3 or 4 days where the temps have been over 26C. I know to people in the south that sounds great but our summers are so short and winters so long here that we really do treasure a few weeks of toasty weather.
We were really fortunate that during our holidays we were able to get out fishing a couple of times, not alot of fish caught but good times non the less. One of Eriks daughters was home for a visit and joined us


Sarah had announced their wedding plans a week before my holidays so a visit to Fabric Land was called for for the finishing items needed for her dress. Katie and her friend came along and I couldn’t resist a picture of her buying fabric for a dress she had in mind. I’ll share pics of the dress in a future post.


The last week of holidays were spent in Wisconsin Dells, thankfully the temps there cooperated and we had a great time, camping and playing. What a very interesting a fun place.
Katie had a little fun the night before we left.
We had a little visit at Cracker Barrel, I’ve always loved their chairs.
The boat tour was so interesting, I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Dells.
Dells rock formations
I was also able to conker some major fears of mine and can’t wait to go back and do it again!! Funny how you can be so afraid to try some things….myself I’ve asked Erik to make me try these things just in case I might like them. He tells me that if I want to go again I have to go on the:
I’d better not wait too long on that one.

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I think summer is finally here! We needed sunscreen! I finally got to use my Christmas Present and Erik did too. Last Christmas I gave Erik a GPS
and we tried it out at the border lake we were fishing at today. He gave me a Pink Ugly Stick
ugly stick

We realized today that its been over 8 months since we’ve been fishing. With the cold weather this spring and then company from Finland, Sarah’s Graduation and our trip to Duluth there hasn’t been a chance. Even this weekend was a challenge to get away but Friday night we decided enough was enough and we were going.
I love this boat, its just perfect for a good days fishing, the seats even fold down allowing for a wonderful afternoons nap.

The first fish I caught with my new rod was only a pike so he didn’t really count but right after that I caught what I was looking for, a walleye


I love pictures of Erik esp our fishing pictures


The day really flew by too quickly and now I’m already itching to get back out there. I can’t wait to get out camping and spend a couple days on the lake and evenings by the campfire.

The lake we were at today straddles the Canadian US Border. This sign is posted with instructions that I hope don’t apply to us. We try not to go over to the US side of the lake.


Time to leave, this is the road its pretty narrow and parts of it are very rough which in some ways is a very good thing.


Look who was walking along the road out


he just continued running slowly on the road just ahead of us and I was able to get some great shots of him. For those who don’t know this guy is a bull Moose.

Then on the side of another highway on our way home look who was right beside the road, a cow and her calf


When my girls were little, after a fun day they would sometimes ask if we could do that day again tomorrow. Today was one of those days for me. But I think it’s Monday in the morning so off to work I’ll go.
til next time
take care,

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Happy New Year

Perfect day for a hike!

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

breaking trail
breaking trail

I’m not sure what happened to fall but it sure sped by and got away on us and suddenly it was Christmas.  Two of our girls came home for the holidays and it sure was great to have all the girls together.

We have tons of snow this winter and have a beautiful snowfall yesterday and overnight we ventured out to do one of my favorite hikes. We were first on the trail today and in most places the snow was up to or close to the top of our boots. (great workout) it was so pretty in the woods and for a good part of the hike we followed the path of some kind of wildlife we never did decide what it might have been though Erik suspected a wolf, I’m just glad we didn’t meet it on the trail.

Erik checking out the tracks, where the animal turned around.
Erik checking out the tracks, where the animal turned around.
the bench is always a much welcome site, its about half way.
the bench is always a much welcome site, its about half way.

While having a little rest a group of 10 on show shoes came and passed by. Before long though we passed them and once again were in our winter wonderland. What a peaceful hike!

Oh and guess what I got for Christmas!!!!

ugly-stickI can’t wait to try it out, but wait I will

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Really Slow Spring

Before bed last night I noticed a grass fire down by the creek behind my house, called 911 and they came and put it out. Thats a very common occurrence this time of year.

This morning when I woke up and looked outside from my bed it looked like it was foggy out….well when I sat up and had a good look the sky was white with snow as was the ground. We got about 10cm of very wet snow today. After brushing the snow off of my van I thought I’d clear the snow from Sarah’s car too… the time I was done the van was white again. The 15 minute drive to work took almost an hour today, driving on ice. The temps are rising now and I’m sure tomorrow will be a very wet day. I’ve been told that its supposed to be 18C on Monday but I’ll believe that when I see it. One good thing about all this snow is that the lake levels will be up this summer, which should be good for fishing. Another bonus is that I’m sure it will help with preventing forest fires this year.


I have the 3rd scrappy quilt loaded and ready to quilt, I’ll probably get it finished up in the morning. I still have to bind them and put labels on and then they can head off to their new homes. I’ve quilted several pantograph jobs in the last few months. The next few quilts will be custom which will be a nice change.

I’m really enjoying Sarah’s new car. In the last week I only used a quarter tank of gas, I was having to fill up once a week so I feel like I’ve gotten a huge raise esp. with my insurance going down too. She is loving her car too of course.

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I’ve been tagged by Nancy H. so I decided I’d give it a try 🙂

Now, you chosen ones, this is what you have to do:
A. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
B. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

1. When I go shopping with my girls I never carry any of the purchases, I’m not sure when this started but now that they are getting older and don’t always come with me I’ve had to get used to actually picking up the bag and carrying it myself.

2. I asked Erik if there was anything unusual about me that he could think of, his answer was that I don’t swear. Well I can’t say that I never have but its not a habit of mine and on the rare occasion it happens people are usually pretty shocked.

3. I first decided that I needed to make a quilt when I was a teen watching Little House on the Prairie. I told my Mom that I loved their blankets and wanted to make one like that.

4. I can’t really remember not sewing.

5. I had never been fishing until I went with Erik and now that I have been I can’t seem to get enough of it.

6. I love clotheslines, hanging clothes, looking at the clothes hanging there blowing in the wind, taking the clothes off the line and folding them and the best part is the smell of the sheets off the line when I sleep. I haven’t had a clothesline for about 9 years now and I sure miss it.

7. Life really amazes me sometimes!

C. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. I think, because I think everyone has probably already been tagged I’ll just say that if you haven’t been and want to be then consider yourself tagged.

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One more trip…

Ok , I am actually quilting too, but the leaves are such beautiful colours right now, and the days of fishing weather are so limited now I just can’t resist another fishing trip. Actually yesterday was on the chilly/rainy side and the water was pretty choppy a lot of the day but its just so good to be out there! And no offense to my employer but I have to say any day out fishing is better than any day sitting in my cubicle.

So on to yesterday, we did catch our limit of walleye and instead of a shore lunch hmm I guess you could say we had a boat lunch because Erik cooked in the boat. I don’t think anything is as yummy as fresh caught/cooked walleye.



Just a silly picture I took, I was trying to capture the amount of fish the fish finder was showing.


I just love the colours of the sky in the evening, so much of the day had been rainy and windy but by 7 the sky had cleared and the wind died down, well worth the wait.



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A Weekend of Paradise even though…..

The fish weren’t biting, and it was pretty chilly friday night. (there was even some snow) The bonfires were great and the fishing was so relaxing….the scenery spectacular etc… 🙂





Sunday was so much nicer out and the lake was calm, I love the way this pic shows the little creek that joins 2 lakes.


when we came to shore ready to pack up camp there was a wild turkey waiting for us…


and one last pic before we packed up camp.