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I think summer is finally here! We needed sunscreen! I finally got to use my Christmas Present and Erik did too. Last Christmas I gave Erik a GPS
and we tried it out at the border lake we were fishing at today. He gave me a Pink Ugly Stick
ugly stick

We realized today that its been over 8 months since we’ve been fishing. With the cold weather this spring and then company from Finland, Sarah’s Graduation and our trip to Duluth there hasn’t been a chance. Even this weekend was a challenge to get away but Friday night we decided enough was enough and we were going.
I love this boat, its just perfect for a good days fishing, the seats even fold down allowing for a wonderful afternoons nap.

The first fish I caught with my new rod was only a pike so he didn’t really count but right after that I caught what I was looking for, a walleye


I love pictures of Erik esp our fishing pictures


The day really flew by too quickly and now I’m already itching to get back out there. I can’t wait to get out camping and spend a couple days on the lake and evenings by the campfire.

The lake we were at today straddles the Canadian US Border. This sign is posted with instructions that I hope don’t apply to us. We try not to go over to the US side of the lake.


Time to leave, this is the road its pretty narrow and parts of it are very rough which in some ways is a very good thing.


Look who was walking along the road out


he just continued running slowly on the road just ahead of us and I was able to get some great shots of him. For those who don’t know this guy is a bull Moose.

Then on the side of another highway on our way home look who was right beside the road, a cow and her calf


When my girls were little, after a fun day they would sometimes ask if we could do that day again tomorrow. Today was one of those days for me. But I think it’s Monday in the morning so off to work I’ll go.
til next time
take care,

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