Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Mid October

We have been incredibly spoiled this fall with warm days. A couple of days ago the high was actually 20C which is unusual for this time of year in this area. Now that the October full moon has passed the colder air seems to be upon us at least it sure feels like it this morning! It’s -4C with a feels like -8C…

Liam has been with us this week and I remind him that in a month or two those temperatures will seem warm! Still it sure makes it hard to crawl out of a warm bed in the morning and we will very soon be turning on the furnace.

We have been busy around here getting ready for winter. The gardens are empty and tilled, the pool is covered and parts stored away. It is time to give in and bring the boots in from the shed and tuck away the summer shoes.

Thankfully my quilting keeps me warm and happy. My customer quilts delight me. I love the transformation from top to quilt!

I continue to work away on my Longtime Gone quilt. The most recent block is trip around the world. It was laid out for weeks before I finally sat down and sewed.

This block consists of 121 1.5” squares. I have fun choosing different backgrounds for these blocks.

Wendy's Longarm Quilting, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Welcome October

September seemed to just fly by, however it was a full and productive month. After returning from Toronto, Erik and I attended his nephews wedding, and also our youngest grand child’s birthday party the first weekend back.

As fun as the weekend was, we were both ready for some stay at home and get things done time.

Sadly we did not have a good crop of apples this year, thankfully my friend Kim did and she shared a few totes with me. I have been busy making and canning juice and will freeze many apples along with making some crisps! The house certainly has that autumn smell these days!

My design wall has been changing and hopefully my Moda Blockheads top will be off the wall this coming week to make room for my Longtime Gone quilt which is well under way….I always end up with more than one project in the works and several on my mind.

It is a little like a puzzle right now as I decide my layout.

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A Perfect Autumn Day

With a hard to resist weather forecast, Erik decided to take a day off work so we could go fishing.


Megan decided to take the day off too and join us. The fishing wasn’t too great but the weather and scenery was beautiful and if was fun to have one of our girls with us for a whole day!!


We had a little friend greet us when we putting the boat into the lake. People must have been feeding him this summer because he sure wasn’t shy about coming close to us.


Moose Hunting season opens tomorrow morning, this hunting shack had been set up and left waiting for the weekend. I have a feeling that’s why the fox was hanging out. When we returned with the boat the door to the shack had been opened just enough for someone the size of a fox to get in.


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My Birthday Weekend

I love my Birthday, I consider it a celebration of life……years ago I decided that one day just wasn’t enough. So Although my Birthday is at the end of June I always say it’s not over until Erik and I have gone fishing and camping in September and he has to grill a smokie for me on the campfire.

Well my birthday is officially over…..I guess


We enjoyed a spectacular weekend of perfect weather. Two nights with campfires both nights were warm with a clear sky.


Three days of fishing


We caught our limit of Lake Trout……..Yumm!



and Bass

and then while Bass fishing I caught this (thankfully after 15 minutes of fighting with it Erik brought it in!) For those who don’t know it was a Pike (39” long and 14 lbs)


I love September fishing especially when we get great weather, I was also able to take a couple of swims……the weather has changed and we may only get a few warm days here and there before the cold air starts to settle in for the next several months.


Thank you Erik for another awesome Birthday Weekend!!!