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Summer Wind and Fall


Summer Wind (Miss Rosies Quilt Company) is among my top favorite patterns, I made it about 5 years ago using the Seaside Rose collection. When I saw Nicoles version in Wuthering Heights, I knew I needed to make it again. I’m making it using the Gypsy Rose Collection as a Christmas gift. The extra challenge I’ve given myself is that I’m using precuts to make it, so far so good.

I have several quilts in mind that I want to get working on, but with my day job and quilt jobs my time is limited so I’ll see how far I can get.

Fall is truly here, I took these pictures a couple weeks ago (our Thanksgiving weekend) when we tucked the flower beds in for the winter. (I’m hoping that the spruce boughs will discourage the cat and other critters from their activities)



I’m including this pic just because I like it

this is what I learnt how to drive today

The weather has definitely shifted jackets are out and the summer fun is put away for another year.


the garden is covered up waiting for spring, hopefully next year will give us a better growing season


One more picture from Thanksgiving weekend, Katie sure loves to drive!

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Where is Summer?

We are still waiting for the real summer weather to arrive, and now Environment Canada is telling us that we’ll have to wait until next summer for seasonal temps. I think we might have had 3 or 4 days where the temps have been over 26C. I know to people in the south that sounds great but our summers are so short and winters so long here that we really do treasure a few weeks of toasty weather.
We were really fortunate that during our holidays we were able to get out fishing a couple of times, not alot of fish caught but good times non the less. One of Eriks daughters was home for a visit and joined us


Sarah had announced their wedding plans a week before my holidays so a visit to Fabric Land was called for for the finishing items needed for her dress. Katie and her friend came along and I couldn’t resist a picture of her buying fabric for a dress she had in mind. I’ll share pics of the dress in a future post.


The last week of holidays were spent in Wisconsin Dells, thankfully the temps there cooperated and we had a great time, camping and playing. What a very interesting a fun place.
Katie had a little fun the night before we left.
We had a little visit at Cracker Barrel, I’ve always loved their chairs.
The boat tour was so interesting, I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Dells.
Dells rock formations
I was also able to conker some major fears of mine and can’t wait to go back and do it again!! Funny how you can be so afraid to try some things….myself I’ve asked Erik to make me try these things just in case I might like them. He tells me that if I want to go again I have to go on the:
I’d better not wait too long on that one.

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June 29

The end of June has always been a favorite time for me as a child it wasn’t only my Birthday but also the end of the school year. Somehow I managed for the first 44 years of my life to have no school or work. Today I had to work but it was a lovely day anyways. I work with some great people.
All of my girls called me and my Parents had me over for a very yummy lunch and when I got home look what was waiting for me from Erik


Sarah brought supper home for me and after dinner I indulged in a little nap.
and for a treat to myself I worked on a personal project instead of customer work

and I did some blog surfing, one blog made me ponder my parenting a little. I have a little quilt that hangs in my upstairs hall way I made it several years ago, I removed the dad from the pattern and added my girls instead of just a boy and girl. At the time I was very content for my life to have only my girls and myself but now I’m so thankful that I have Erik in my life and his girls too.

the weather over the weekend and the next coming days is for rain, my hair looks great but I sure am missing the sunshine. I took a few pictures out at Erik’s on the weekend, I was trying to capture the feel in the air but it didn’t really work. The gardens are coming along though.
next sunny day there will be some serious weeding happening!
Blueberry Bushes that we are hoping the bears will leave alone, we might need to build a fortress.

I also finished a customer quilt this weekend, this quilt belongs to a good friend of mine and I just love it!



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For a lot of my life I never really thought of myself as a perfectionist. I think for the most part I’m very easy going, but when it comes to my quilting I strive for perfect. When I’m quilting for customers I see any imperfection in my work, and it can make me a little crazy if you know what I mean. It can get a little stressful for me when I’ve been instructed to quilt how I think is best. For the most part I love freehand quilting and I have a lot of fun when I work on a quilt, and when I’m finished I will agonize abit about whether the piecer will love their quilt.

When I’m piecing I strive for that same perfection, though I have learnt over the years that sometimes a little fudging is called for and as long as it doesn’t affect the integrity of a quilt I’m ok with that, I won’t allow my seam allowances to be so narrow that a little fraying will cause seam to open. Nicole at Sisters Choice asked her readers about their piecing habits this week, thats what got me thinking about my feelings on the subject.

Today I pieced the first block for the designers BOM from and 2 of my half square triangles just are not right, and there isn’t enough fabric to fix them. I used a very scant 1/4″ when I was sewing along the diagonal line so there really shouldn’t have been an issue but who knows, regardless they are a little wonky but not so wonky that in the end they won’t work. So for today anyways I’m calling my block done.


While doing the laundry and other catch up Saturday jobs I managed to load a customer quilt that is so gorgeous. It was a local shops BOM and now that I’m seeing it on my longarm I’m wishing I had made it too. But I seem to recall that when it came out I had too many projects on the go to justify another.


Its been a rainy Saturday, which has been ok with me. The weather forecast is calling for about 4 days in a row of rain. Thankfully my holidays aren’t for another few weeks and I’m really hoping for some great weather while I’m off my day job and I’m striving to be somewhat caught up on my quilting so that if I decide to spend some time in the studio it can be on my own projects.

Have a great weekend!

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I’m not complaining but..

its hot outside! I know our little heat waves are nothing compared to what people live with in the south, but our houses are built to hold in the heat and I don’t have central air. Thankfully I have a little window unit that’s busily cooling off my room while I blog. The temps have been in the 30C range with lots of humidity. Tonight I was so thankful that my studio is in the basement, since I had to quilt all night anyways.
This week I’ve quilted two customer quilts and hopefully I’ll get one more loaded and started before the weekend.
here’s a glimpse of the two that are finished

This one says Canada to me, and how fitting with Canada Day next week.

and the pattern for this one is called Square Dance, I had so much fun quilting this one and had absolutely no tension issues, it quilted up so beautifully.


I am so impatiently waiting to get moving on my BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop.

This week has been especially busy, but I’m hoping to spend a little piecing time this weekend, even an hour would be good.

Last weekend we drove down to the states to pick up parcels at the border, and then we continued on to Grand Marais for a little supper at Sven and Ollies, I’ve always wanted to stop and take pictures of some of the buildings along the way, I love houses that must have some kind of a story even though I have no idea what they might be.

I love this picture
Copy of IMG_1654

each day this week I’ve felt like it should be Friday, I really don’t want to wish my life away…..but I’m so ready for Friday!!