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Summer weather finally showed up.

We planted some flower beds at Erik’s which I’ve been tending. A new to me again activity that I can see can become quite addicting, I keep getting new ideas…….

I’ll add some updates soon.

I took my 2 weeks of summer holidays in July while Erik’s cousin and and daughter visited from Finland….heres some of what we did:

Kakabeka Falls, is about 20 minutes out of the city and well worth the trip. Thanks to the extra wet spring the falls are incredible this year.

that afternoon we went another hour or so from town to see the canyons. The swing bridges at Eagle Canyon are NOT for those who have a strong fear of hights but for the rest of us they are a fun and  fascinating adventure. The swing bridges were built by a father and son team. The last 2 pictures were taken at Ouimet Canyon which is very close to Eagle Canyon.

The next day we took a step into the past, visiting Old Fort Williamwhich is a historical version of a fur trading Fort.

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