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July Continued

Our next adventure took us across the Pigeon River Border into Minnesota.

We’ve driven to Duluth so many times and still thoroughly enjoy it every time. One of our first stops is to hike to see the “High Falls” in the Grand Portage State Park. We almost always stop and take a look and we’re never disappointed.

Highway 61 is known as the North Shore drive as it winds along the shore of Lake Superior, the scenery is spectacular and there are so many little places to stop and see.

Temperance River State Park

In Duluth we took our visitors to the Zoo. The Kodiak and Grizzly are always favorites.

and the polar bear

this next one might make you a little squeemish if you don’t like snakes

to be continued…

2 thoughts on “July Continued”

  1. Absolutely beautiful pics, Wendy! I sure could use a vacation like that. The snake I could handle…the suspension bridge, prolly not. I used to could handle heights better when I was a kid, but somewhere, during my teen years that changed. I had to go over one of those bridges, and it wasn’t nearly as intense as the on in your photo…I thought I was gonna die…I just wanted off in the worst way.


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