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Are you wondering if I still quilt? I do, mostly for customers lately though. I haven’t posted any quilts for awhile, probably because I don’t spend the time on my blog that I could. Life just seems to get in the way more often than not. I guess its that season in my life.

Anyways  I did finish the quilt for Eriks Cousins baby in Finland. They named her Ella Wilhelmiina

baby1she was born in the spring and we chose the fabric and pattern in May and mailed it off in November, and it arrived before Christmas! I’m hoping for new picture of Ella with her quilt one day.


This quilt has also left for Finland. It was commissioned by a coworker, she chose the fabric and together we decided on the pattern.  I took this job on kinda last minute in late fall with a Dec deadline but with the help of a friend doing some piecing we got it done.



This next one is a tree skirt that a friend of mine made for me, I quilted a couple and in exchange she made me mine. Its harder to see the flower in the larger picture so I’m posting it as a thumbnail. I did have this one bound and under Erik’s tree this year.


I’ve been home from work this week with the stomach flu, and after being laid up for 2 days with it, I finally started to feel human again today, so I spent a little time on a quilt that is way over due being sent


I still have the borders to finish, hopefully sooner than later. I’ll post the finished quilt then.

Oh one more thing… some of you who I chat with know that my oldest daughter was in Texas last month. Here’s a picture of them taken last October when he was here for our Thanksgiving.


5 thoughts on “Quilting”

  1. Lovely baby, lovely quilts! That monster one is cute, can’t wait to see it finished!

    Sarah and her beau look quite handsome together!


  2. How precious! Love the fact that the adult’s hand is caught in the pic. It really shows how small these wonderful creatures of God begin life. Can’t believe my babies were ever so small. I sort of miss it…but not enough to be a grandma…yet! LOL

    Happy New Year!


  3. Christine I must be that much ahead of you in being a mom because thats how I felt too a few years ago and now I’m starting to think it might be nice to be a grandma….but I have some waiting to do!

    Happy New Year to you too 🙂


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